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Possible Security Ideas
Pool instead of Difficulty and Ambiant Loss


I would love to see successful installs not result in a difficulty to beat based on skill check but instead do something like create an Install Point pool based on the skill check.

If a true expert installs it, the IP pool will be huge. Another expert might be able to deplete the IP pool in a singly try and two and remove the camera but a newbie might need thirty tries. They will get it eventually, people always do, but good luck not getting seen and caught doing it.

You can also 'tighten the bolts' of an install to make up for the camera getting looser (IP pool lowered) by people poking around with it. Could also make it so that two people can work together on removing them (goes faster) so these PCs have a reason to take on an apprentice. More than too is too many cooks and makes it all harder.


Simply put, every so often a random non-GM installed security device in a publicly accessibly area in Red is uninstalled and unscanned by ambient pop (as long as no PCs are in the room). It just goes poof because why wouldn't poor bastards steal these things to flip for dinner and sometimes that means a PC cam gets hit.

How often could be tuned by GMs so that the rate of loss is enough to keep this gear from proliferating like mad but not so extreme that the networks get eaten up completely.

I would even suggest that certain locations could be marked as hotspots where ambient pop will always take the the security gear after a range of time. These would be places where GMs don't want cams for game balance or theme reasons. This would allow PCs to install them there and use them but it's on a clock and if they wait too long they WILL lose the gear.

How long can vary widely so PCs are encouraged to remove them ASAP. These no-no areas could even include most places in Gold and above where randomly installed cameras would be quickly noticed and removed by the city.

The issues with vast cam networks (which to be clear, it's the size and blanket realtime information access that's the problem, not the existence of cams and monitors) is that there isn't chokes or throttles to prevent scaling outside of GM intervention and cost associated.

The cost is somewhat negated by the value of data that big cam nets bring in, as well as easy access to low-hanging fruit when it comes to crime. Operating them can, in fact, be very lucrative.

My suggestion for limiting them was to codedly disallow daisy chaining routers and cap the number that can be installed in any given location. Limiting people's ability to squirrel away routers in very secure locations would also address the issue. Making them have to be installed someplace publicly accessible (even if well hidden) would allow for the tapping and rooting mechanics that already exist.

I think there's a lot of great ideas out there that could address the issue of big bot nets that wouldn't require regular GM attention and upkeep, really. The suggestion for EMP grenades that actually offline cams is great. (It's not mine, I just posted the idea for someone else so it wasn't lost.) Making them easier to take down from skilled installers as well. I'd really like to see more cams moving around, getting stolen, broken, blown up, etc. to where PC's can't big brother nearly as effectively as they can currently.