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hacks, warez, etc.

We have portable storage media, now all we need is a computer to that can write store programs on memory cards. Using a verb to begin programming would bring up a menu of programs the character knows how to write. As a character increases the 'programming' skill.  The length of this list increases. Programs might be a hacked SIC firmware, an e-note password cracker, or maybe just 'Hello World'. But damn would Sindome feel high tech once you have some skinny programmer types trading warez in the shadows of the Drome.
Some of the things you listed are possible on a very low, verb level...

But, a babble-on integrated programing language that was cohesive with various electronic systems in the game would phenomenal...almost as phenomenal as a functional grid.

Its nice that at least some of these skills have more uses now, however, they're still not profitable in the least.

I love programming games but I don't think an internal programming -language- would be right for Sindome. The advantage of having an actual programming language is the programs created by characters would be much more dynamic. Each character would have his own style of doing things. The program could even have an embedded virus, trojan, or keylogger! =O But to do that would make things MUCH more complicated than they need to be. The actual programming should be easy.  You type a verb to begin your work. You have to check in after a couple hours to write a few more lines of code.  And if you fail a skill check you'll get a bug. Once you're done you can pop out your chip and sell it or use it to unlock that e-note you found in the dumpster. Everything is nice and clean so even code illiterate types have a fair shot at playing programming characters.
I gotcha. I've seen that on a mud before. Usually results in oldbies selling newbies really high end shit. I don't particularly agree with that...

If you want verbs that do the work for you, I'd suggest finding out more about the current systems in place.

It's possible my ignorance of what has already been coded may make this idea pointless, but giving those actions verbs wasn't necessarily the goal I was trying to accomplish.  A programming menu might be a feasible way to compile a list of activities a technologically inclined character is capable of carrying out.  The MOO code this idea requires would also reusable for my future dream of having a highly module (e-prints and e-notes) all-in-one computing system compatible with nearly any electronic device (think USB plugs on everything).  Such a system would be much -cleaner- and -simpler- than the wealth of electronic devices floating about with nurfed features.  Imagine an electronic world where cameras can upload pictures to the your PC.  You can print documents and photos with reloadable paper trays.  You can store and transfer documents easily.  You can surf the Grid, you can hack, you can place voip calls, you can program, you can delete programs, you can delete all data, you can serve Grid pages, you can manage passwords, talk on the radio, decrypt messages, encrypt messages, all from one central box (Disclaimer: additional purchases may be necessary to utilize all features mentioned in this advertisement) I digressed a bit from the topic but the point I'm trying to make is things should be very tidy and user friendly. I also was hoping programs would add a market to the economy but your comment about oldbies dominating it is rather disheartening. However, would that not also be the case for any other market in game? The skilled characters dominate and the other guys struggle to get to the top.
phenomenal as a functional grid.

A nice and tidy grid that's as fun as the game itself would be sexy.  Games that successfully cross technologies, such as switching between a moo client and a web browser, usually do so for immersion.  There are actually games out there that send you real world postal mail and phone calls!  My qualm with the grid right now isn't so much the tedium of going from client to client, the lack of being user friendly, or anything else in its technical design, but the fact that it's so inactive, things happen so slowly on the Grid compared to the game that it's easier and faster just to cut the Grid out completely.  Nodes are out of date, new posts are infrequent, very few accounts are used, gridmail is seldom checked.  When things aren't updated there isn't much reason to come back and check.  OOC notifications might not be a horrible idea, but when a character lacks IC motivation to join in on a conversation or publish a node there isn't much you can do to promote activity.
I know some things are updated on the grid, and forum wise, if you are near a term, you will be updated in game of a new posts.

Try going on the node pages and search your name. You might be suprised what pops up. Sometimes things are hidden inside nodes, and the GM's try to plant info here and there to keep things flowing.

...the last post here was over 2 years ago...
Just trying to raise awareness. There are still people saying the grid is dead and some features nobody knows or bothers to share.

And the last post doesn't mean the topic isn't valid anymore due to the fact that the problem still remains.