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Progressive bomb defuse capabilities.
Increase defuse time, introduce different outcomes.

The concept of my idea is relatively simple: increase the time it takes to defuse a rigged explosive, within the increased time introduce different checks and outcomes.

1. Overall it appears to take little time to defuse a bomb. I'd like to see this increased overall and any other increases tied to relative skills in defusing, which I think should be tied to similar skills/stats needed for crafting explosives. The lower your comparative skill to the person who crafted and/or rigged the bomb, the longer it takes you.

2. While defusing in an increased time period, I'd like to see several different checks introduced, also compared to the skill/stats of the individual who rigged the bomb.

Different stages could include:

a) A total fail, where everyone suffers the consequences.

b) A fail where only half the PCs in the room are affected, or only the items in the room.

c) a half-success where people/items in the room are fine, but the person only succeeds in this regard, and otherwise actually take an INCREASED amount of damage onto their person.

d) for certain types of specific damage where you may prevent others suffering, but you take an INCREASED load of the damage which has a chance to potentially kill you or at least make a couple of your days filled with suffering.

e) complete success.

These are just some ideas out of a lot of options or outcomes which could happen and it might not make sense for how the game and staff want to treat explosives. But I'd like to see it take a little more to defuse/stop bombs (if this isn't an @bug, which I did @bug) while also having different possibilities outcomes rather than defuse!fail, defuse!success, which can make the scene a little more dynamic and the consequences a little more severe and inclusive, depending.

I think what crashdown is trying to say is that bombs really equate to bad sex in the current implementation.

We all want to have it, we all want to be good at it, but then three seconds it's over and no one's really satisfied.

As it stands now, bomb crafting is a fair endeavor with a rough relation of ingredients/time/chyen/skill/mayhem. I do not think anyone takes issue there outside the investment to damage ratio that can be experienced.

I think what's needed is an overhaul of the detonation/defusing process. Rather than being instantaneous check to defuse, by meeting the initial timer obligation of the device it would trigger a secondary effect.

This effect would mimic the McGuffin effect featured in some corporate activities wherein an expert would need to be called in and assist in the defusing. Depending on the bombs effect this would range from explosives/chemical/biological and always be able to ascertained by a forensics check.

During the sustained defusal process which would take 5-15 minutes, the EOD agent would be required to stay with the device or risk detonation. This would make them highly vulnerable to attack during this time and allies would need to risk being caught in the explosion or protect their asset.

In addition, dropping the explosive would have a catastrophic consequences during this time.

As per the above in Crashdown original post, different stages and level of success could/would take place during this sustained defusal process creating a far more immersive event.

Also, ambient crowd messaging and bodies. Lots of bodies. :-)

Some other changes / thoughts I have.

Bombs have an install verb.

Installing a bomb also hides it commensurate with stealth.

Once a bomb is primed and counting down, attempts to uninstall it will probably just result in immediate detonation. Provides incentive to mark a crime scene and work towards a solution / evacuate.

Would be nice to tie detonations to corpshare.

Adding my thoughts. I would love to see a Keep Talking-like communication driven mechanic, which can add a lot of tension and suspense to such a situation. Forensics expert can be located at WJF operations room or flipping through a manual, putting details into their Bomb Defusal Terminal or looking up answers in the Way of the Bomb based on some randomly generated details of the bomb's construction that they are told by a person on the ground. Better forensics, query it and get answers faster.

If your Forensics expert is able to communicate with the person on the ground well, then they'll be able to defuse it more quickly. Mess up that communication, give an instruction or a detail about the bomb wrong, and it might penalize time or set it off. Rather than being primarily about response time, as it is now, it would also be about player practice at communicating bomb details + Forensics investment.

Tangentially related, it'd be cool if Forensics skill could connect bombs to bomb makers.

Nothing that like outright identifies who made this bomb, but something like the tread code for shoes, each bomb making kit has a tell based on the tools, so when any time you make a bomb with X set of bomb making tools, it tags the bomb with a trademark. Certain type of wire, or maybe the bomb uses pink tape, or really anything, the specifics don't really matter...

But when you use your forensics you can find out 'Remains of pink electrical tape can be found in bomb remains!' With it being easier to find on defused bombs, harder on detonated bombs, etc.

Also leads to being able to create funny nicknames for certain bombers. The Pink Tape Bomber struck again!

Strongly agree and the "random traits" of a bomb could be a product of who made it. Anonymous, but you can link attacks to each other if you're good at Forensics.
Rehashing this thread. A faux pas, I know, but I think it deserves further discussion at this time.
A thought. Hidden objects (particularly explosives) in rooms can be nebulous requiring multiple search attempts.

I would argue that if multiple explosives are in a room they're automagically daisy-chained and anyone who finds one begins finding more and more, following det cord like in the hurt locker. Ultimately, this would equate a much more complicated defuse but could create more cinamatic-like tension.

I'll keep chiming in on this thread and maybe make a workflow diagram so this more straightforward.

If in a daisy-chain, would failure to defuse one bomb with catastrophic effects (such as detonating it) trigger and setoff the remaining bombs?
I would say: yes and no. (and lord help me it'd require more code)

Let's say it's a non-lethal, I don't think that makes sense entirely, or maybe is the purview of a HIGHLY SKILLED explosives user.

I do think if an incendiary goes off it should have a chance of igniting other incendiaries but each type of explosive should have a flag. Non-lethals and nuclear devices shouldn't detonate because an incendiary does.

But maybe by default when rigging explosives they automatically inherit a pecking order so they are in-fact truly daisychained but will only respond in the correct order and the feature is dictated automagically by skill-level because this is inherently hella powerful.

My sense is that as long as there's really no limit to how many bombs can be set up at once, any single given bomb is always going to be tuned to be pretty terrible.

I feel like explosives with power that scales more destructively upwards with the creator's skill, but can't be stacked in multiples would be a lot more useful but also prevent situations where there's 20 ethicol timebombs on a pad exit.

It seems to me that a central bomb object should exist in a room that tracks all bomb content and also dictates effects. This could prevent ridiculous damage potential via stacking/meta-bullshit, avoid searching 9-million times, and instead create a singular item to engage with.

Naturally, as bombs incorporated into this single item detonated another item would generate for forensics tracking the bombs detonated, impact, and other forensic-clues.

I agree with that idea, and it sort of encourages layering effects on elaborate devices rather than just making a bigger boom. A bomb with a fail-deadly mechanic of EMPing a bomb disposal bot, or electrocuting someone trying to disarm, would be pretty cool.

The chemistry system allows for multiple effects from various inputs. If there was some kind of damage cap, you could have multi-status effecting explosives (like drugs in reverse) or have various area effects like sonic/EMP/burning/blinding.

The trick I think would be having diminishing returns on damage so they can't insta-kill.