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Puppet Request Queue #
Like a deli ticket, but for puppet requests

Not sure how things are counted on the other end, but based on what I've seen it seems like when you submit a request your request goes into a queue and the staff knocks off each one as they have time, in the order they are received. Could be totally wrong here, please say so if I am.

If that is the case though, would it be possible for when you type 'puppet request' you see a little *## next to your request so you can see how close you are in the line? Some requests require you to be ready to be involved in a lot of stuff, or in a discrete location, or whathaveyou, and it would be rad to be able to see, "Oh shit I'm like 3 places away from mine being up, I should make sure I'm nearby/armed/ready to roll/etc." or "Okay wow, I'm #156, I should plan for a long wait here and RP accordingly."

I feel that this could help make requests smoother for staff since players that have pending requests will be able to see when they are getting close to being (relatively) puppeted with and would be primed and ready for action. It would help on the player side to give players an idea of where they stand in line, which is always nice to know when you're waiting for anything.

Staff can't necessarily do all requests in order. The variety of different requests, the different IC situations they're about, the times different players and GMs are on... A FIFO rule wouldn't work. There's no reliable way to count who's next.
There's a misconception here that it's down a sort of "conveyor" of GMs handling these requests.

You could end up #1, but the GMs available can't do the request as they either don't know how or there's a CoI or they're not allowed at their rank.

I don't think adding this in would help alleviate anyone's woes. The GMs will get to you when they can. Just be patient <3

This has been suggested a number of times.

It's not doable because not every @puppet-request is the same. Some puppets can only be handled by certain staff members. Some require more information to handle that the online staff members may not have. Some require approval for stuff requested in the requests.

Staff handles them when they can handle them, each one uniquely different. A queue would just make things confusing.

Ah gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks guys.