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Puppet Wait timer
Average wait time this week is...

Just a thought about a nice feature for puppet requests.

When a puppet request is put in, a message is generated by the system informing you of the average wait time for requests this week (rolling week, not calendar week).

Likewise, once a puppet request is put in, after is has been in the system for say an hour or so, it's time is then tracked to modify the wait timer once it is responded to.

Just a simple 'The average wait time for puppet requests this week is 2 days' would be a nice thing to see, so you can sort of plan on proceeding with your RP plans around knowing that your request is likely going to be answered in that many days.

This has been suggested in the past.

Staff gave several reasons as to why this is not a feasible idea. Namely that there's not a fixed queue, it's all based on who's online, who puppets what, etc.

AFAIK, it would be a bitch and a half to track and no real way to measure things with ny real significance. Just relax. GMs will get to you.
I'm certain GMs do not want to hear players complaining that it takes X time to get to a puppet. And also not "her puppet was done the same hour but it says 2 day wait time, I call shenanigans of GMs playing favorites!"

Same thing with @history approvals. Usually fast turnaround, but don't expect such. 👍

Throw in your puppet request and go play. If the request is literally holding you back from doing anything, stick your fingers into more pies. ☺️

your puppet response time relies on complexity of request (requiring basic or advanced level staff), available volunteer staff, your own availability in relation to that of said volunteers

thats just my guess but it makes sense