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Purge Medrite
Reduce reuse and recycle or whatever

-Please- add a function to purge the medrite. I understand there is a way to empty the vials, but it's gross and makes very little sense with the description of what the medrite is capible of. It just sets up terribly awkward rp that feels gamey. If this will never be a thing, please give sindome more empty vials.
it's tradition. suffffeeeeeeer
The empty vials are out there and if you want to buy tons of extras and bill the patient for them, you can do that.
I suppose I should clarify - purge the vials loaded within the medrite.
I'm aware of you what you meant and want. Suffering is the way,
Alternate idea;

drink vial

(for better or worse)

That's... Nasty, I love it.
Or you know, force someone else to drink it