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QOL gear improvements
Minor stuff!

Please make paragliders accept 'paraglider' as an alias. Currently you can only target them as 'ZMI' and just go ahead and cut to a mental image of someone frantically typing pull cord on 2nd ZMI only to open their ZMI combat medic kitbag and dump all the medicine into the air as they fall to their death.

Also, if the armored leather jackets from the moto shops could be flagged to fit over things like shirts and armored bodysuits that would be cool. I know genuine leather isn't as "thick" as nanoweave but it's a jacket. It should go over stuff!

Oh, and the thing Slither asked people to post about which inspired this thread: Please remove 'card' as an alias for cred chips. There are other items called cards and this only ever trips me up as I'm never expecting to grab (or trash!) my chip when I go for a business card.
I've fallen for the card trick and trashed my chip while trying to trash a business card before.

It was upsetting.

I meant to do this, but I was going to do it today when I had more energy!

Specifically, I was suppose to ask if people actually liked to use the 'debit' and 'card' aliases on cred chips, or if it was something most people would want removed. I could see debit staying really, because I can't imagine it ever being a hassle, but I'm pretty sure it's only there as part of the greater evil, 'debit card' which they are not anyways.

Cast your vote :P

I only ever use 'cred' on with my Cred Chip. Would never think to use 'debit' or 'card' for something called 'Cred Chip'.
I have no idea if this is quite the appropriate place to post this, but it might be.

I noticed if you have an e-note it doesn't check the 'e' against the easterly direction if you're issuing the 'lock' command, so you might 'lock e' to lock a door you just came through and lock your e-note instead. If you don't catch it you might leave a door unlocked, and there's no 'which e, there are multiple' check for that situation.

It's minor, but since we're all here n' all.

On the topic of cred chips and e-notes, you can't lock or unlock them while in a vehicle, even if you can't normally lock/unlock the vehicle from the control room (like on ships)
Grappling hook AV rappelling when?
I don't think you actually need to interact with paragliders outside of packing the chute after use, honestly. The rip cord seems to work automagically.
There are use cases where you need to interact with them. I will not say more.
I can address a paraglider via 'para' and 'paraglider' already. Not sure what the issue you are facing is Vera, can you xhelp at some point?
S, I think Meph found out that existing paragliders like the VR9000 units don't have the 'paraglider' aliases. So, old objects didn't get the update. That's it.