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Remember the Good Times?
Writing notes on Photographs

The photography mechanics in Sindome are already pretty robust, but it would be pretty cool if you could write a note on a photograph after you print it out. Either on the bottom (assuming they are like Poloroids) or maybe on the back?

At the most mundane this would let you to date the photo (allowing for something of a time capsule, assuming the item lasts that long) and at worst you could write a threatening message on it before sliding it under some chum's door or pinning it up somewhere.


+1 for threats!!!
Is this something you could do with a sticker?
The only problem with that Manywaters is that a lot of useless stickers will float around in the designs on the kiosks that no one else will ever use, and they'll probably be used once by the designer character, making more for each separate occasion and instance. Now imagine all the players who use cameras doing this? It's a easy way to clutter the kiosk with useless stickers, if it's even possible. Good call though.
Someone did a similar thread recently about photos and notes. I vote for marker pens.

They should also let you draw a 'tache on sleepers.