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Remote bank transfers
Making payout less of a hassle

I disagree.

Having to physically be present at the bank to make transfers I think SHOULD always be a thing because it allows for ambushes and forces players to actually travel between sectors to do their chores.

I disagree too.

Quote "Inconvenient for your character? Perhaps. But it serves a very real game purpose. People have to make choices... [...] Do I go up to gold and risk a Judge realizing who I am? Etc."


See Rangers reasoning


See other comments.

Hire runners transfer chunners
-1 for anything that keeps people from going outside.

It's just not very good to promote risk-aversion

Chyen being a pain in the ass is a feature.
I have to agree with the comments about risk aversion. Cred chip / remote transfers is something we've talked about in the past as a staff, and decided against it because it reduces RP, reduces risk, and makes things way to easy. It makes -sense- as a thing that would exist in the world, but it's one of those things we purposefully don't include because it's a game.