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Samurai or African Militant
You call'at a soar'd?

There's a ton of guns,  A ton of melee, even a few knives.  Why we got three options for long blade?  Composite (rape), katana (soso), machete (just put it down and punch them please.)

Mebe I would love to see a broadsword?  What if we aint all sams or African where machetes are an extension of your arm?  I mean, lets not get gay and go poking eachother with rapiers, but little more variety would be cool.  Instead of just bland, normal, and exotic.  Vary it up?

I'm all for variety in weaponry it makes it a lot easier to make your individual character stand out from the others by having a preferred weapon that not many other people use!

Do you have any cool suggestions that you'd like to see put in the game? It might be easier to get them added if we help out the GMs with detailed ideas and maybe even our own descriptions for our ideas? What do you think?

Rapiers! Rapiers! We need rapiers!

Heh, your right, I could see your char running around with a rapier :P

Seriously though, mmm...middle eastern blades, maybe something like a broadsword.  And it is the future, so lets stop getting Camalot and go CP.  Vibroblades...yeah, I said it.  Swords that vibrate at supersonic frequencies.  Energy weapons are out so no lightsabers, but we -could- use something like...a heated scalpel.  Blade of the weapon is superheated.  Vibros and Heaters could take batteries, and break easy.  Vibros take armor down like crazy, and heaters do uber damage but don't bleed.

I didn't give it much thought to be honest, just figured there was stuff that was never imped :P  I'll think more.

I not only love this idea, but I'm pretty sure I suggested it yeeears ago.  unfortunately I'm too lazy to look up and confirm that.   New blades=wonderful ass idea.

If you're motivated enough, you could always ask a GM how many combat messages they need for a weapon and write them.

I think that's one of the fundamental things holding back the addition of more weapons.

Actually, the thing holding back new weapons is a reduction in combat messages.

See, we currently need 3 messages for each 'action':
critical hit
critical miss

For a total of 18 messages with very little variation between the 3 (what you see, what your victim sees, what everyone else sees).

I've put a ban on new weapons until those get reduced down to single perspective based messages. Only once that happens will I allow us to add more weapon variety.

Ooo la la.

Okay. If we're going in that vein, I want hacksaw use to utilize short or long-blade in combat. *Cackles*

Who let Grim post in the morning before his coffee?

this post comes off as racist against the african community.

I joke.

But uhhh..yeah...

Hey, I've been going on about this for years.

Wooden Bokkens use long_blade.  They are somewhere between a machete and a katana, though they are good for non-lethal combat / sparring as they don't cause bleedouts.. their messages are similar to that of the bo-staff which uses martial arts.