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I bet you have some beautiful scars.

There could be a system to receive scars that you would define if you take especially egregious wounds from things that would leave scars, IE: blades, bullets, burns, bombs. It could leave a generic type of scar on the location, that you could have the option to edit, but not remove. Cloning could remove these scars for you to get an opportunity to receive them again, so people can tell when you're fresh out of the tank, or if you're soft and haven't gotten any since you cloned. You could also get them removed with biomodding, so you can preserve your beautiful looks.

That's what your @nakeds can include.

Weapons aren't the only things that can cause scarring. Sharp tips of metal when you're making gadgets, if you exercise and fall, you can get scars.

It seems an RP bit. You practice sparring with a blade or were shot and survived, you'll get a scar and when you update, the scar remains (or could).

I remember reading a thread that mentioned some characters keep scars even after cloning since it's a psychological thing. It's something that helps define them in some way and it stays during the cloning process. I know you walk through SenseNet and sit yourself in a pod but if you read the room descriptions, there are people there walking you through the process (at least at first). And so, you can end up keeping some of these scars that define your character in some way.

Withmore is the first time you have a clone or maybe the first time regaining a clone. Your character has certain marks they don't want to lose, or maybe they do because they want to start newly here and discuss this with SenseNet so when you are cloned, you don't have the reminders except maybe one or two particular marks (of course that could be a clinic's doctor helping you with some of those if there's a rush and you have the money).

IMO, coding it to look right and position it right might be a nightmare and time consuming (I'm not familiar with coding) and coding can be used for more important things like additional rooms to explore and NPC's to come across or updating weapons, armor, toys and food. I'll use @nakeds, but maybe some others might like the idea.

I'm personally not a fan of the philosophy of 'This could be a feature, but I'd rather see them coding something else.' I understand but don't agree with it. I don't know how cloning and scars associate, but I always assumed that cloning functioned off of DNA and brain scans.

I prefer the use of @nakeds, myself, though it would be nice if after getting hurt, there was an easy way to check where your worst injuries are so you can decide whether to make them scars or not. After the heat of battle, it can be tough remembering were a particularly bad blade it landed and such.

Sure, but there's nothing wrong with wanting different coding priorities.

And it could be simple. I don't know squat about coding.

Remember, cloning will remove your scars... If you want it to.

I would really love a way to diagnose yourself to tell where all your ouchies and booboos are. I don't care about them being permanent. If I want them to be, I'll make them so, but if I get punched in the face, I'd like to be able to tell at a glance that's where I've got a bruise, and I'd like other people to be able to as well.

This way when I walk into a room with three bruises, all on my clothed left leg, people can make the decision to say, "I probably couldn't tell that they're injured, at least not until they walk."


I like that. I have had to scroll back up to locate where I've been hit for bruising or injuries (I've scrolled up to spot where the impacts were) so being a little easier to find where you've been injured would be nice, then my own use of @nakeds to show also how the wound is healing can help generate some minor RP and who knows? Might develop into something more.