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Seamless Repairs
Instead of making NPCs have damaged disguises...

Since there's been a lot of discussion in the past about how disguises are picked out due to damage and repairs, maybe there should be an expensive repair option (maybe with a specific material) for seamless repairs. This will leave no visible repairs or patching for a much higher cost.

It's not only for disguises, either. It can also be an option for those who don't want their favorite clothes to look patchy or repaired after they got mugged or caught some shrapnel (primarily a corporate citizen concern.)

It does seem like disguises either need seamless repairs or we need NPCs to spawn with repaired disguises.
and pants
Yeah, that's a mechanic to drive you to get rid of it and make something new or give a tailor new business.
Where regular clothes are concerned that makes total sense, but where shrouds are concerned it creates strange meta surrounding generic shroud NPCs.
Yeah, that's a mechanic to drive you to get rid of it and make something new or give a tailor new business.

This was basically what I was going to say... Glad Johnny confirmed it.


As far as shrouds/hoods are concerned. What we need is descriptions that are not as easy to identify as NPCs, and that's about it. Shrouds should get busted, and repaired, but it should also not be so obvious to distinguish PCs from NPCs simply based on this. Same with your tailored clothes (especially if you're corporate).

That said, there are PCs who currently take advantage of this. That's why undamaged disguises have so much value over damaged ones.

The best solution would be to just clone a random existing shroud each time an NPC puts a shroud on.
I think while the current version isn't perfect (I am more concerned about hoods rather than shrouds), at least it causes plausible deniability and slows people down a few seconds to look at the disguised NPCs giving PCs a margin of advantage to get away.

The way you act while on disguise is way more telling than the material of the patch in your poncho.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a TOP tier artist to be able to do seamless repairs in order to steal business from all the other MID tier artists that do patchwork.