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Possiblh a mirror would make more sense?

So, you need a mirror or some form or another to apply makeup. Why not tattoos too? Is this some kind of advanced tech with skinwriters?
It would be silly to require a mirror to tattoo something on your wrist or ankle and the like. You can RP needing one if you're trying to ink a heart on your ass or something but having a coded requirement is unnecessary.
Fair enough. Was just something I thought of. And yeah, it would, but if it was important enough someone could make it so only certain bodyparts can be done without one.
Just gonna say I'm not a fan of tattoing yourself. Have you imagined tatting yourself irl with equipment and thought into how much of a bad idea it is? There's only so much you can do and sacrificing one hand to use a mirror will fuck it up. Tattoos are not simple and something you can just toss on yourself like some eyeliner
I have seen this RP'd, generally the rule is, if you can easily reach it then fine, maybe use a mirror if you need a better glance, but it's a hard reach get someone else.
@Dani Stick and poke is a thing IRL and fits Mixers quite well.
Someone tattoo themselves IRL. Make a video. Prove it to me before we repeat another rehashed old ass idea.


Well, there does seem to be a lot of that going on. I stand corrected that it is feasible.

I'm not going to allow it though and do not bypass this ruling. We like you giving each other business and we're not going to give you an excuse not to give others business if we can avoid it. :)

Just gonna add for the sake of putting it out there that stick and poke could be non permanent and shitty. That said you could probably already do this in a RP appropriate manner without a mechanical additive and an appropriate backstory.

That’s all!

(Not recommending going against the ruling!)