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Semi-Permanent Immortality
Retirement - PC to NPC Status

I think that it would be interesting if players could retire their characters by replacing current NPCs.

I have been thinking about this in the context of Gang PCs. I am not sure if this would be appropriate for other factions.

My idea is that each Gang seems to have a set number of "permanent" NPCs on the Grid. There could be a process created whereby a character can meet a certain list of requirements, and then "challenge" the NPC to take their spot. The challenge would be having to beat the NPC in combat.

The primary benefit I see to this is variety. The PC's "final gear" would become the NPC's default gear. As they lose it, they would ask other characters to find replacement pieces.

The sense I have is that the ganger combat dynamics are pretty well known. Gang A fights with Weapon X. Gang B fights with Weapon Y. etc. Having "new" NPCs with different weapons and fighting styles would freshen up that dynamic.

Maybe the character also has a preferred drug or drug combo. That could carry over to the NPC as well. Again, that creates a more dynamic environment and also provides work for characters to source that / those drug(s).

Another benefit I see is that it might encourage people who otherwise wouldn't play a ganger, to play one. Depending on the requirements, it might encourage ganger characters to stay around longer. For example, if the character needs to reach a certain "rank", or be with the gang for a certain length of time (minimum of 12 months or whatever).

As a long term dynamic, NPCs who lose could occasionally (once a year or whatever) challenge their way back. Staff could have the NPCs fight each other. Kind of a survival of the fittest, strongest rise to the top thing. If the challenging NPC loses, they aren't allowed to challenge again until every other retired NPC has had a shot. This could be turned into an annual event. Each gang (or faction) holds a challenge once a year. Gangers might do it publicly, or semi-publicly. Other factions might do it in secret, or only extend invites to certain established characters.

A bunch of the NPC's your used to interacting with in your daily SD life are retired PC's.
I'm completely missing the point of that whole last paragraph about the "long term dynamic". Why would we want staff to spend time on that, how does it get PCs involved, what does it bring to the game in terms of RP?

That's kind of the sense I got. But in the almost 2 years that I've been playing here, I haven't seen any of those NPCs change. So I'm not sure how often it actually happens.


A few things. It brings RP to the game by making it an event. Kind of like UMC, just a lot less frequently.

It could also be totally scripted. @slither, @johnny and others here definitely have the coding chops to create a "NPC bot battle royale". Kick it off as a yearly batch job or whatever and announce the winners for example.

It could also create some conflict dynamics. Maybe rumors start to leak in the weeks leading up to it. Knowledge of who is going to fight who. Then characters get paid to sabotage the competitors. Steal their gear. Vat them out. Whatever.

Seems totally unnecessary tbh.

I think this is a case of just because you don't see it happening, doesn't mean it isn't.

I don't see how this is gonna make RP at all by "making an event."


I explained exactly how making it an event would create RP. What did you not understand about that?

As for "we don't want staff doing this", great. Thanks for sharing your opinion. This is the Ideas board after all. We are just discussing the Pros and Cons.

I think it would cool to allow staff to do this for fun. Give them a break. Set aside one hour out of the 8766 in any given year and let them "play with the gangers".

I'm not going to say "I don't see how" and be misinterpreted.

I'm just going to say "I don't think so." UMC is an event because it's 100% player driven, with the single exception of Bimba ranking unknown fighters in order to qualify for the event.

For the amount of effort it would take admins to create a NPC-only Battle Royale, automated or otherwise, the effort-to-enabled-RP ratio seems to me to be a lot smaller than a lot of way more worthwhile projects.


I don't disagree with you that there are probably a number of other projects that admins could be spending time on that would provider greater RP rewards.

I am just spitballing suggestions here because you asked how it would contribute to RP.

The primary thrust of the suggestion is to introduce variety into the current NPC population, and also give players / their characters something to aspire to.

Though as @TalonCzar said, most(?) of those NPCs out there are already characters that have retired.