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Shock Absorber/Jump Enhancing Chrome
Jump to/from Heights Without Injury

What about chrome for one's legs that would absorb the impact of falls? There would still be damage after a point, we wouldn't want people jumping from the skywalk to the streets of Red without dying, but what about jumping from a one roof to a lower one?

In a similar vein, perhaps the same chrome could perform a boost to let you jump to a slightly higher rooftop, to avoid the need for a short range grapple and make jumps that a grapple wouldn't allow.

Ninja jumping on and off buildings and from roof to roof, in other words.

Would be great with a cyber-leg. We already have cyber-arms, maybe their lower body counterparts with different modules such as this one would be great

I'm all for Icarus Landing System style chrome that lets you jump from Gold to Red. Maybe it could be part of illegal military chrome or something if stuff like that ever gets added.

I like Crooknose's idea, but I do think it should be for one story jumps, maybe shaving a little damage off of higher ones but not replacing the existing stuff that deals with longer falls.

+1 for this. Would be nice for jumping/falls being able to have something that saves your butt.

Agreed, Vera, I'm not thinking anything crazy, I'm thinking something that subtly but meaningfully alters what's possible with roof running for characters who invest in it. Even being able to jump or fall an extra story safely would expand the 'map' of possible safe paths when jumping from roof to roof or roof to street.

Why not both? And make one illegal and massively expensive!

I think something along the lines of the paths of cybernetic vs full body mods combines with price points comparable to current grappling hooks would suffice with corresponding safe distances of jumping.


Are you going to survive jumping between sectors? Fuck no.

Are you going to survive that six story jump off of Habitat-X with the best cyberXpress legs? Yes.

As for illegal vs legal cybernetics - I think a very RARE tier of cybernetics that was illegal or specifically licensed to incorporated VIPs would be interesting. The underlying goal being for them to be stolen and traverse the black market via various sectors being the true allure. I mean rare to the extent of one per cybernetic and the owner/user of said cybernetic to live in somewhat constant fear.