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Show Next Stop sign on interior of levs
Where's we goin', anyway?

A lot of times when you take the lev, you see people exit and enter the car again so they can check outside to see the 'next stop' sign. I propose the lev have a copy of this sign inside the car, that way you don't have to wait to hear an announcement of what the next stop is.

Drawback to this - less people getting trapped in the lev and carried away to a stop they don't want to visit. This might not be implemented for the sake of more interesting rp. If so, please ignore my suggestion. Thank you!

I like this idea. So many times I'm doing Gold->Green runs and get stuck on a stupid mag-lev not knowing where I'm off to next.


Why isn't this a thing?


A vid bar running the length of the train flashes the next stop: Ashlin Street Station.

Bless you, kind sir!!!! 💖💖💖💖