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It's been out there a while...

Bodies that aren't specifically preserved should become skeletonized, with rates of skeletonization varying with each rooms. Skeletons should be more difficult to identify but not impossible, especially when they are only partially skeletonized.

I just think it'd be neat to see a "partially-skeletonized male/female corpse" there and about in the city rather than "male corpse" and "female corpse" when realistically all the flesh should have been gone by now.

I think this could be a great thing to implement if Forensics ever gets fleshed out.
I kike this purely because it would allow gangers to keep the skulls of their enemies.
Corpses already progressively decay based on a bunch of variables, they just don't leave behind permanent objects once they reach liquid state because there's a lot of them.
It'd be cool if severed pieces could become skeletonized, though. I know doing it for corpses would possibly become a bloat issue or redundant, but letting severed parts become skeletons and realistically kept longterm - or possibly turned into jewelry -, I like that possibility.
I feel like corpses that are skeletonized permanently will create a big amount of items that aren't particularly useful to people. On rare occassions it seems cool to have a head on a stick or whatever be generated, but hundreds of these doesn't seem necessary. I also like what happens in the end anyway because I am a terrible person...
How about the possibility for an appropriately skilled and geared person to proactively turn a corpse or a severed part into the mummified or skeletonized version.