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Specific Character Examines
Making information digestible faster.

Love the descriptions people write, they're damn beautiful. But when a person a lot of art or things to convey in their descriptions, it can get a little lengthy which is hard to juggle when you're in the middle of a scene.

Would be nice if examines just gave you the most general information, or could target specific parts of the body (IE: Head), preferring instead to just say 'They have a dragon tattoo on their shoulder' rather than the description of that beautiful artwork inline.

Let examine do things like examine Joe Schmoo/Tattoo Name or ex Joe Schmoo/Head to see more digestible details and keep the main examine succint.

This could be done with a targeted glance @nakedbody part.

Also I've seen new players complaining about not wanting to read descriptions and I kind of get it, I don't remember what most characters specifically look their eye color or hair color...unless they really stand out.

They have to be stylish enough for me to care...because if you don't are just another blank who blends in the crowd, like tears in rain.

But on the other hand, if your character is Questionably looking or plain, you need to try to tone down your description...but of course, it is not an actual game mechanic.

This idea could be controversial, but it wouldn't be too far-fetched that your appearance stat limited the amount of writing characters you can type on each and every one of your @nakeds.

So the prettier you are, the more overboard you can go in detail about your style and looks. This would for for shorter and more to the point descriptions, for y'all mobile players which I assume by now its the majority this could be a way to make the game more bearable.

I had tooled around with the idea of suggesting that. I really do like the idea of a per naked character limit based on your charisma point expenditure. The problem I see with it though, is that ugly and vile characters need to have just as much space to describe how retched they are as attractive characters need.