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stop all automated actions with one command!

Currently there's a whole slew of sub-commands to 'stop', including 'stop w' to stop walking (how come no 'stop a' to stop attacking?), but...

I would love to see 'stop' useable to simply stop all automated actions your character is doing, sort of a hard breaker to completely return manual control, or a way for newer players like myself to not spend thirty seconds trying to remember how to stop fighting (was it 'stop fight'? No..."Stop attack'? nope...uhm...'stop fighting'? nope....) in the middle of the spam inherent in automated fights.

this is a good idea. if not stop then some other short one word command that makes me stop everything. Even stop all would be fine.
I agree.

At least a 'stop at' to stop attacking. And a corresponding 'stop ai' to stop aiming.

Is it too code / CPU intensive to do a partial string search?

While I agree that 'stop' to stop all actions would be amazing (+1 to this) 'stop att' already exists to stop attacking - Since some people are suggesting this. I don't think it's widely known (but it is listed on the helpfile).
Stop by itself stopping everything is a good idea plus one'd.
+10000 pleeeeease
Before this is implemented, you can work around this by making a ~stop macro that just stops everything (or just attack, if that's your thing)
They've said that spammy macro's like that aren't allowed to me in the past..
I would love for stop alone, by default, to just stop everything, and then possibly get granular with arguments.
Bump because I still like this idea.

IIRC you can type 'stop att' to stop attacking now.