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Suicide Booth delete clone
Delete clone data on booth

Self-explanatory. Someone should hack the booth to have an option to delete clone data on booth so that you can perma yourself if you have a clone.
No. This would make it too easy to perm someone. Lowers RP value of going through the effort of planning a perming. I don't like this.
Not everyone booths to perm.

I don't like this... plus the extra time to reconsider what you're doing is good, to me.

"Not everyone booths to perm."

That's why you make it an option.

You guys forget that you can 'force' people you don't like to perm. This takes away completely from The Long Walk. Someone has your paydata, you grab them, shove them in booth, press the perm option for them, then fuck off before the booth traps you. It's too easy and removes RP.
This is absolutely terrible idea that has no RP benefit whatsoever that would cause a lot of regrets from people who are prone to making drastic snap decisions and we'd never hear the end of it on xhelp after the fact.
As someone who's reconsidered perming a char due to being forced by the system to use my reserve clone, I am kinda against this. Make sure you're 110% committed to the perm by making you go through it twice IC and OOC.
It doesn't even make sense to have the booths tied to Genetek's database. How did we make this leap? Unthemely.
Totally agree with pfh there.

And Cerberus makes a good point. Keep it as is, that death sequence gives you a good opportunity to evaluate if you really want to throw away something you've been tending carefully to for a potentially long time, after a moment of whatever it is that made you do it the first time.

It's not all that unthemely. The booths are a WCS system, and Genetek's a corp, they come hand in hand.

Having a clone delete option would be a hell of a time saver, at least.

Genetek is not going to put booths with their corporate data in suicide booths on Red. Sorry. Unthemely.
Genetek is against boothing to begin with. Eternalists.
There is no way WCS would ever be able to tap into clone record data, that doesn't make sense no matter how much you try to stretch it. We can consider this idea as never going to be implemented.