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Supporting skills via automated jobs
For when everyone in the mix already has a silencer

I was thinking about how gangers buy drugs from people, which has recently made the drug market possibly the most lucrative and easy one in the city. Doctors have a variety of places to be employed, if your a thief then well that's "easy money" as well. What about gangers, or whoever really, that buy explosives, or ask for guns to be cleaned/modded. Possibly random gangers that want tattoos. Maybe a guy that regularly wants e-notes hacked. I think especially with the crafting type skills making automated ways of getting even a little chy here and there would go a long way into supporting those roles, and therefore prompting people to fill them. Just my 2 chy.
NOt to be a cloud...does this simply create more automated jobs and reducing how much you need to reply on other people?

Or are you thinking take away deliveries all together and switching it to skill specific automated jobs?

If there were automation that created in-game pressures to use resources so you need to use other people's skills, i think that'd be a better solution. Like giving people more reason to drive so they use up gas or wreck...then requiring the use of mechanics. Or corpies getting auto-attacked on red without protection, requiring them either to carry weapons, use ammo, or hire a bodyguard.

Otherwise, people just need to employ eachother more ICly. Donal did just that last night.

Oh trust me, I've done that many, many, many times. I'm not saying something you can thrive forever on and be happy with by any means, what I am saying is something that can give you a bit of chyen and occupy your time while helping you figure out/ develop a new skill, this though available to everyone, would be directed at noobs, and people wishing to develop and make available skills and services. Just enough to make -people- want to do -stuff- ya know? Though I must admit I've explored the drug system and if properly done can support 4-5 characters.
I like the idea of replacing the runs with skill oriented jobs that help you learn how the skill system works...
That is actually a really good idea. IMO
Now I know that for a long time people admin-side were VERY against any sort of automated jobs, but I think this idea would get more people interested in less used skills, would give people something to do with their skills when nobody's around, and would give even the slightest encouragement to players to stick with that electronics guru(or whatever) even when nobody wants a television installed, or a security system modded. I know its a big deal to patronize players for this very reason, and I make a point to do it as often as possible. The reality is though that the player base isn't sufficient to support some skills, or maybe the only gun modder in town happens to be your arch enemy. That said I'd never advocate having tons of automated jobs that are worth nothing than just giving people money. And none of the suggested jobs should by any means have the ability to make people rich, Though as I believe I've mentioned the drug maker automated thing could do that reeeeeellly easily.