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Synthetic Cooking Lab Changes
Evaluating Counters / Lab Conditions

My apologies if this is obvious to people who are using these. I have never used them and am just going off what @Kard posted in the recent Improvements thread.

Is there some way (via inspect for example) that people can assess how damaged a lab is?

Is there any mechanism for repairing the lab? If not, has any consideration been given to that? Maybe something for ElectroTechs to do?

The post suggests it's possible to assess damage by looking at the worth of the lab.

I saw that part about the worth of the lab.

That implies that the person looking at the lab has some knowledge of what an undamaged lab should be worth.

A system that either mimics firearms (lab is perfectly clean, slightly damaged, barely functional, etc.)

or mimics clothing (the lab has a couple of broken beakers and cracked seals, etc.)

would be a great element of assessing the condition of the labs that doesn't require potentially meta knowledge about what a 'full price' lab costs.

It makes sense that there'd be a service of some kind to repair them, considering the investment in xp/flash to use it. Don't imagine it'd be cheap or easy to repair, but access to any repair at all would be cool.