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Taxicab stand

Sometimes it's hard to find a cab.

Enough said.

Hehe, I second this.

I think this would be completely unnecessary.  There are already ways to get a taxi to come pick you up where ever you are.  Though, I do think a Chex sic would be nice, for those without phones.  If it's really that hard to find a cab, maybe we need a few more in the game.  Hell, some players could get jobs as taxi drivers.  All you need is a decent driving skill and less than fluent English.

I saw a player have a job driving a taxi.  Was a pretty sweet idea I think.   I don't think a taxicab stand on RED would be a good idea.  Anywhere else they should, and do linger around a bit.  I do love the players driving taxi's thing tho, should happen more often.

  My previous character drove a taxi... I rarely got business from other players.  Not to say it wasn't worth it but being in the service industry with the exception of bartenders doesn't seem to be too fulfilling.
  The reason I posted this idea is that when you wake up in the vats you could easily find yourself in a situation with no phone (since the demo phones are on a closed circuit, so I'm told) and no way to get off gold in "style".
  Another way to solve this problem is if some taxi's drove around to look for customers and there was a verb to hail a cab however it would probably be much easier if the taxi code made sure a cab "returned home" after a while of sitting.
  But lets say you're running a quick errand and you don't want the taxi to leave simply because you took to long.  Maybe the amount you tip the cabbie will influence how long they wait.  If you were worth their while, they'll stay. If not they'll give you a few warning honks and leave.
 Which leads me to people who do business in the back of a cab.  I always thought it was kinda clever and made for a fun business environment, however how many cabbies would really allow such behavior unless there was something in it for them (eavesdropping or tips)?  Just something to think about.

I actually ran a rather successful taxi business for a brief moment in time. It was fun, entertaining, and I often found myself in odd situations. Anyone with a vehicle can function as a "driver for hire", it's the willingness to break the law...expose yourself...that makes for real interest.

I think the jobs @ chex serve as an outlet for the mechanic/driver archetype in-game. Which there may be other resources available to cater to that sort of thing, an NPC based organization can always provide a fall back in case of...bankruptcy?

I don't understand the necessity of taxi stands, but I've got no qualm against them.

Pay phones, however, I would love to see...only if they're transparent though. Yes, with the grid...with everything. Big brother, baby. Who loves you!

I'd also like to see a payphone or two in game.  Not on RED.  Never one RED.  But on Gold.  Green it wouldn't really make sense on either, everyone should have Gridphones or private drivers.

Or perhaps just making the telepresence units on GOLD able to call Chex / Aero as well as each other.. I dunno.  Ideas?