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The Divide: Language

What do you all think about using social adverbs as a way to differentiate between being a Mixer or a Corpie? I would draw RL parallels with accents in the UK as an indicator of social class.

Other than choice in clothing, language is one of the primary ways that human beings identify each other as being "one of us" or "one of them".

I am just pulling these example out of thin air, but Mixers might communicate in ways that reflect the angst of barely getting by, constantly being on edge, and generally not giving a shit anymore.

angrily, anxiously, awkwardly, cautiously, crossly, cruelly, halfheartedly, etc.

On the other hand, Corpies might communicate in ways that reflect their sense of self importance, their stable and privileged environment, and their need to project a certain public persona in order to maintain status.

carefully, correctly, deliberately, gracefully, gratuitously, happily, merrily, perfectly, politely, tactfully

On the corporate side, the use of adverbs could be promoted and re-enforced by HR materials. Employee onboarding manuals. Standards of Professional conduct. etc.

On the mix side, it would be more informal. Faction leaders, bartenders, fixers and others who deal with a large variety of people would likely set the tone. Anyone 'talking like a corpie' would get called out on it.

When the two come together, it would be obvious. The mixers talk angrily and crossly with the corpies. The corpies outright ignore the mixers, or sneer and smoothly demean them.

Like I said, the adverbs I chose are just examples. There's no reason that a corpie couldn't be cautious, or a mixer tactful. I just think that it would be cool to encourage some organic use of adverbs to somewhat subtly draw a distinction between the two social groups.

And in my mind, the coolest part is that each side would not necessarily know until they are exposed to it. As an extreme example, maybe during ViriiSoma board meetings, EVERYONE says things 'sharply'. If an outsider were ever to gain access to the board meeting, but didn't know the etiquette, they would be instantly identified by their lack of correct adverb choice.

Characters in Sindome, much like real humans, have reasons to feel happy, sad, angry, etc. at any given point during their day-to-day.

I don't really see a reason to police people's adjective/adverb use to force to be them happy or sad 24/7 when there are far more actionable items to use on if you're trying to play the divide against someone. As a whole, Mixers already act casual and Corpies act snooty, from what I've seen.