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The great outdoors.
You wanna get high?  Smoke this brain.

In the natural world, animals and plants are used for damn near everything we possess.  Food, clothing, homes, drugs, paper, soap, electricity (TRUE), data storage (TRUE) and things I can't even think of right now.  The numbers are limitless.

I think the badlands creatures should be more useful.  Dangerous as they may be.  Say for instance you manage to kill yourself a dune dragon, wasted ammo on a violent beast in the badlands.  And you just happen to know a bit about biology.  That nuclear beast just might have some heavy duty adrenaline coursing through its veins, with just the right chemical compound to make one HELL of a badass drug.

Radscorpion poison could be boiled down and combined with known drugs to increase the potency (many drugs on the market do indeed start their lives as poisons).

Plants could spring up in roving colonies, maintaining a randomly generated growth spot until winter comes around.  They die out, and when spring makes its way, another random growth spot.  Giving the person who finds it, a trove of a particular substance that nobody else can produce or manufacture.  Someone else finds your goodies and starts harvesting, its on mothafucka.  Synthetics are NO substitute for the really good shit, that'd be worth killing over.  Who wants oxy's when you can have morphine?

Fungus could grow on the dead, or around the dead when outside the city.  The fungi could be used along with some other plant to produce a tasty, addictive treat.  Perhaps a special variant of a drug that has twice the high but half the comedown.

Suggestions folks, suggestions.  Bring em to the table.

I like. I always wanted to be a nomadic lumberjack! Herbologists tracking down raw resources for drug manufacturers could either be the best idea in terms of creating a job that always has work to do and can create a steady income OR it could be the worst idea and end up being very mundane and turn the game into a hunting-and-gathering code oriented game.

I like the idea of including raw resources (though most come from extraterrestrial sources) in the game. But I think we need to discuss the entire job system before something like that was implemented.

Hi guys!

I was reading the forum and saw the Drug labs post and noticed that Johnny wrote that there are custom variants to drugs now and you can analyze the compounds that make up current drugs.

All the things said above can be RPed as a way of portraying how these custom drugs came to be can't they? I'm not entirely sure why the game would need code to cover something that can be taken care of without it.

Let me know if i'm missing something please!

True, but we already have players manufacturing drugs, and since they come with varying strengths, this sets up a possible way for a player to take over a market without having to rely on combat.  Who wants your shitty V, when they can have Black V, or maybe a little TH2-C with some shroom dust?

It'd be important to some, not to others.  An exploitable market for a select few.  As a player with nothing to gain and no skill or desire to be in the drug market, sell the coordinates for your found oasis to someone who does, or, if you hate that bastard, sell it to his competitor.  I'm sure even the corps would be interested in getting their hands on some mutated drugs.

I'm not talking about making it so that all drugs must be found naturally, just the compounds with which to make TRULY AWESOME drugs.  The likes of which your char might just have to kill to get.  Promoting lots of demand :)  And only a little supply.

Alright! Sounds good! Creating more job interdependence by adding a level of raw resources probably isn't what the game needs right now. We need to make the jobs that already exist more viable. By giving player created drugs a very distinct advantage over store bought drugs this might be just what we need.

Well a good salesman should be able to pitch what you just said from a marketing stand point without requiring an actual number result.

Drug effects in the real world are perceived by the individual. If you look at it as numbers and stats then it sorta takes away a lot of the mystery and adventure of having custom variants doesn't it?

A better high can be RPed but does it have to be displayed in the form of stats to be enjoyable in the game?

You could be a desert roamer that spends a lot of time in the desert doing menial tasks without code and possibly get the attention of the GMs while you're out there and produce some interesting RP, right?

And then come back and work on producing cool drug variants using your adventure in the desert as your justification for their origin, and selling that story to your customers. Claiming them to be superior in every form and fashion to your competitors variant, right? How will they know otherwise I haven't been able to see number values represented in my @stats or @skills other than tracking the cost to raise them.

I just think what you want could easily be taken care of with a little imagination and less reliance on code. But I am definently all for the GMs adding a cool coded feature as well I just don't think it's entirely required to enjoy this kind of approach.

Thanks for your great Idea!

*hi5s* !

Now we just need to force our opinion on everyone else!

I'm sorry but did it come across like I was being forceful? I didn't mean that at all I apologize!

Nah, heh, you didn't sound forceful at all bro.  If anything you were real kind about the whole ordeal.  Was trying to hi5 Cy though.  Just beat me to the punch :D

Anyway...I strike!

Drug producers could buy the drug they want from a store, and act like they made it themselves, who needs coded systems?  Its bland, and it doesn't make you truly feel involved unless your actually out looking, really trying to find something.  Back when the desert was practically empty, and the admin were on what seemed like a long hiatus...very few went in the badlands.  The reason why, would be because there was little to no point.  You could rp your ass off and there was no payoff.  This is a means to an end.  Offer someone low grade V, roleplay its heavy, and see if they don't stab you for it not being good enough :P  You can't make people give you money they had to rely on code for, for roleplay.  Less your a whore.  And that's entirely different goods altogether.

As another example to how rp can fail.  Its my old argument about the enforcers lack of coded nade launcher.  I could RP all day that I launched a nade up your ass but are you gonna @die for me?

I didn't mean pretend it's a variant. There is a post

Where Johnny says you can now produce variants with custom names, so you don't have to buy the retail version and pretend you can justify the custom named variant with what you were talking about, right?

There's this too...

I know there's a HUGE thread about badlands shit around here somewhere...I'm just way too stoned to find it.

Damn...and here I thought I was being genuinely brilliant for a change.

I think a more direct revenue stream involved with venturing into the badlands would be awesome. However, I don't think it should tie into the drug system like that.

If anything, I'd like to see $cripted behavior caused by certain things you can acquire in the badlands. Poisons, get the deal.

But to be blunt, I think the time that would need to be put into this would be better used on some of the other things the game so desperately needs.

I remember complaining about drug messages/negatives/addiction whatever a while ago, my complaint is currently beside the point, but the response was something along the lines of:

New, modern, cp drugs are considered waaaay more powerful than anything you can find on the street now a days in real life. (something to that basic effect anyway)

okay here comes my point, I've been told before that "our" drugs in game are uber potent, uber cool, whatever.  I think to say that you could wonder out into the desert and find some mixable compound, or raw drug that is substantally better than the avaliable street drugs would be countradictory to what we've already established in the game(or at least what some annoyed GM told me to get me to shut my whining mouth)

I'm not saying this is a bad idea, just rehashing what I've been told, and how I've played and applying it to this situation.

I also agree with Reefer in saying other things would probably qualify for more attention.

How many nuclear-mutated animals currently exist in the world today mano?