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The skill system ...

First off, I apologise for my rusty English.

So I've been watching people arguing about the skill system already in place, unassigned experience and the such, which -I don't mean to be rude, just pointing out- I think is not compatible with the roleplaying spirit of this game.

Let's cut to the chase, the system I'm suggesting is a learn by doing kind of thing. I won't lie, this requires a moderate to high amount of work to implement depending on the code already in place. Now before you completely overlook this thread, let me please explain the why and how I thought of such a thing.

First, as said above, the current skill system is not the most compatible with roleplaying there is. One can have -let's say- a gunsmith who's been repairing guns for a while and decides to invest the shitload of ue he's been stacking on cracking which is completely irrelevant and unrealistic. This is only an example but it is possible nonetheless, while if he was learning by doing, this wouldn't happen.

"Let's say such a system is in place, this would raise more problems in the long run, one of which is spamming to raise those skills." I guess that's what you're thinking. And that's what leads us to the second point. Spamming can be quite a problem and to prevent this I thought of some time and skill based limitation. To put it simply, the more a character has skills and the more proficient he is in the skill he is using to do whatever, the harder it is for him to get more proficient. So if it's a new character, he will learn something new every -let's say- five minutes while a veteran might need much more time to raise one skill. This adds more to the IC realism -in my opinion- than distributing points on the go and let's players focus more on the actual roleplay than the numbers behind their characters. For the sake of clarity and as an example, a martial artist may end up in a fight, either he wins or loses, unconsiously, his muscle memory will adapt or maybe he discovered a new technique or sharpened his moves. As far as I know, this is the kind of thing that happens in real life that make us proficient at what we do, experience at doing that one thing.

"So there's no skill cap and everyone can master all of the skills." Sure, why not ? In a hundred years if they're lucky.

To put this idea into code, something in these lines written in C++ syntax for clarity :

void Character::useSkill( Skill* someSkill )


unsigned int skillProcessingTime = 0;

unsigned int currentTime = 0;


*skillProcessingTime is a variable which stands for the time a

* character may need to unconsiously process information gathered during

* whatever he did.

*currentTime the name says it all.


skillProcessingTime = (this->getSkillPointCount() - someSkill->getSkillPointCount()) * timerOtherSkills + someSkill->getSkillPointCount() * timerThisSkill;


*timeOtherSkills is a constant time coefficient for skill points

* other than the one currently used. example : 5 minutes.

*timerThisSkill is a constant coefficient for skill points of the

* one currently used. example : 10 minutes.



*this->getSkillPointCount a method to retrieve all of a character's

* skill points.

*someSkill->getSkillPointCount a method to retrieve a specific

* skill's points.


currentTime = getTime();

if( (someSkill->getLastTimeRaised() - currentTime) > skillProcessingTime ) {





*someSkill->getLastTimeRaised() a method that retrieves when a skill

* has last been raised.





To conclude, this idea may need much more work to make it decent or even plausible but I'm sure it will make this gamer richer and even more enjoyable.

Sorry, that sort of a system leads to people endlessly sparring in their apartments with friends privately. Did that once 19 years ago and part of making Sindome was not making that same mistake. Ours is freeform for the thousands of edge cases we've enabled over the years and it means our players don't have to spend a significant portion of their time practicing.

Thank you for the contribution though, maybe you want to code one day? We always need bright minds who like to do this sort of thing. :)

SD trusts its players, to a certain extent. It's the player's responsibility to spend their UE in a rational way, and you should always be ready to rationalize expenditure somehow. Also, there are plenty ways to learn besides actually using a skill, such as off-screen college courses or how-tos on the Grid. Yes, you have to be careful with that, and it's definitely more fun actually getting someone to teach you ICly, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to decide what your character has learned.

Just wanted to add that that's why the limitation is there for; prevent spamming and endless practising. Say you raised a skill, there's a "cooldown" timer before you can raise that skill or another again. If an equation is figured right, a character will master all skills in -like I said- a hundred years IC -so, pretty much impossible. In the meantime, during that cooldown, one is kind of pushed to roleplay, so this helps getting the whole experience -in my opinion- smoother and funnier.

Figured that part wasn't clear enough after I re-read it.

But I never moderated a game and won't claim I know anything about it. Just had an idea I thought deseved some thought so here it is.

On that last note, why not ? I am always willing to help when possible, just afraid that it will spoil the fun.


Fair enough, I respect that. :)

It doesn't work though, because most things just are not available to be practiced, and are not going to be made available in a practice form.
To use many of Sindome's skills effectively, making coded progress by assigning UE or whatever the means/mechanic is for making the skill adjective move from "shittyones" to "betterones" means nothing at all when it's necessary to roleplay your way into non-coded knowledge, positions, and gear.

Roleplaying really IS the way to get ahead.

GMs also take notice if someone drops a whole fuckload of UE into a skill they don't have the history for and have taken no IC steps to practice in, either.
Just to add, before i finally go to sleep...One of things i -love- about Sindome is the fact that i -don't- have to practice skills or grind out xp. This step past most modern moos allows those of us without as much time to put into our chars -online- to still feel like we can advance and still feel like our character grows. We can log in and not have to spend half or even most of our online time -practicing- but can instead say, "well this is what my char was doing since i logged in last and now i can go rp" Its brilliantly inclusive for the entire player base...(and i think they know it.:-)

That said, you have to trust your fellow players. I know i would rather (and have many times) listen to a story another player tells about their "training" that they created either through rp or just made up off the cuff because it means so much more than coded values increasing other values, its time they spent to help -me- have a good time too and that is to be appreciated.

I guess what im saying is i think you'll like the way it is given time :-)

^ This.

I'd add something but fleurtygirl has it. :)