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Things that go BOOM!
And their little cousins that go bang.

This is essentially just a post made to facilitate my need to increase the items in the game that kill stuff.

Subs:  Currently, and I'm not completely sure, but currently I think we have one and only one.  The MP11.  Its the only one I've ever seen, the only one I've ever been killed by, and the only one ever offered when one of my chars asked, "Hey, I'd like to buy a cheap smudge."  Same when they asked for an expensive one.  " plated MP11?"  Toss some variety in on that there.

Grenades:  Currently we have frags, sonics and emp.  I heard mention of viral but meh.  Here's my new nade idea.  Why, good old tear gas.  Inflicts drunken movement for a short period and drops your stats down.  Agility and perception suffer here.  Can't see for shit and you sure as hell aren't running anywhere in a straight line.

Assault Rifles:  They've been requested plenty of times before so I'm just going to bump them.  AK47/74, AR15, something futuristic...whatevs :)

Judges:  Recalibrate their weapons already.  Catch not shoot.  Enforcers should be more about intimidation, them judging you with the monster of all pistols.  You know its done when the barrel is at your skull.  Shotgun could have net ammo.  That's right, I said net.  Net-guns fuck you up, you don't spring out of em.  Enforcer nade for gas and sonics, nothing else there.  BulletPROOF armor for the judges.  Yep, PROOF, cuz the npc's might be uber but I almost feel sorry for the poor noob judge that actually thinks he's going to do shit but sit on his ass all day.  Judges come at you, you run, and you run hard.  Manage to kill one, always a thought of mine, it fries your ass just like the guns do.  No mixer should walk around in judge armor, unless of course when they do you make all the other gangers and whatnot @hate them...hey...youlook like a judge in the mix, get treated like one then.  And actually...take out the shotties, remove the 7mm mode on the enforcer, and put the shotty function on the enforcer.  Tada!  Minimize bloat and actually get use out of the second firing mode!  Awesome!

I'm sure none of this will happen as the code involved would probably be retard strong, but...their ideas

I agree with you on the subz. Maybe a cheap rinky dinky 6mm smg just to say there's variety? heh.

As for the Judges, I think they are OK as is. I mean, yea I bitched alot about shit Judge-side when I was a jake multiple times, but on reflection, I also did ALOT of shit with what they had at the time.

Well, that was just a compilation of old ideas on the judge side of things.  Figured I was mentioning other stuff, why not that again?  But yeah, why not a lil six milly?  I recommend changing Seburos to subs.  I mean is they're good for shooting dogs or cats but would still get you fat fines.  Make it a lil more lethal and worth the wrist slap?

We've got two other SMGs beside the MP11, but they require finishing up. I believe they all use the same combat messages at the moment. There is also a very, very small handful of players who have decent enough skill to use these things, so it's not exactly at the top of the list.

We have 5 types of grenades and yes the one you mentioned is there, but again, not yet finished.

I'd also love to get some assault rifles in the game. I was actually thinking about that a couple of days ago. At the very least a SD-style AK47.

As for the Judges, I like some of those ideas and we've thrown a few of them about before. I think a lot of the armour out there should do more for stopping weapons than they currently do.. requiring people to invest in different armour piercing bullet types or going for different weapons based on what armour they're up against.

Also agree that nobody but Judges should be in Judge armour and have also suggested them getting shocked or fried for it. Just a lot of stuff we'd like to do or I'd like to do and haven't had the time or energy to do yet.

All of things you mentioned fit into use by a very small niche of players, so these things are looked at last on the list unfortunately. Hope that sheds a bit of light on things.

Totally.  And I was aware they wouldn't be high on the list, my char totally would have no use for anything mentioned hehe

Quote: from FireStorm on 2:03 pm on Aug. 25, 2009[br]Just a lot of stuff we'd like to do or I'd like to do and haven't had the time or energy to do yet.

Always ready to return to service, if anyone can ever get Johnny's head far enough out of his arse to understand that I've never had any interest what-so-ever in harming the game I spent thousands of hours actually working on.

(Edited by Rastus2 at 3:51 pm on Aug. 25, 2009)

FS-if you need any inspirational idea's for Assualt rifles or anything else;

erm, that was pistols.


I know its certainly not my place but I'm thinking...mebbe Rastus deserves another chance?  I mean, seems like a quarter of the moo was coded by him as is...mebbe its time to forgive eh?  Hugs?  Anyone?

Round Two!

Get rid of EMP nades...make it an EMP gun...lasers might be illegal worldwide but surely not an EMP...  I think that'd be the shit.  Say the judges go to some new kind of armor in the an exo-suit rather than skintight leathery bullshit with chrome helmets, could knock out the power.  Knock out cars to prevent escapes etcetera.

I don't care if they're uber illegal or not worldwide anyway.  I want to see a fuckin laser gun.  I don't care if it ends up being used to melt my face.  Genetic soldiers are globally illegal too..we still see them roofjumping from time to time huh?  (I jest but coooome tooootally wanna make a grilled-face-cheese.)

That can easily be done when a tear-gas cannister is fired into your head from outside of your cheesy-one-room cube XD