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Things this place should have...
Admin beware...coding involved.

As I'm sure everyone's aware heh.  I've been away for a very long time.  This is going to continue...but I figured since I owe it to the admin and the players, I'd come and post a few ideas from other Moos that were just...excellent.

1.  Recognize:  A command used to recognize a person you do not know.  An example being.  

A young man with black hair is standing here.

"So sir, what's your name?"

A young man with black hair replies coyly, "I am Damarung...who're you?"

recog 'young' Damarung

Damarung, a young man with black hair is standing here.

Booyah, this gets rid of the entire issue with the name you give is the name they see.

2.  Removal of all socials besides pose and emotes.  Force the players to actually express their characters more.  It seems a harsh way to do things, but shortly, and I mean shortly you'd be writing entire books.  I've learned from another Moo this is much more invlolving and so much more roleplay is achieved.

3.  Remove the automated combat system when versing PC's  and instead introduce a turn based system where a person emotes where their attack is going then rolls to try and attack that bodypart, example being:

Damarung brings his blade over his head and swings heavily, in hopes the blade connects with (random PC's) head.

kill (PC) head

You swing and miss.

(Random PC) jumps to the side, barely dodging Damarung's hefty swing and gripping Damarung by the wrist, brings his fist to swing low for a gutshot.

kill Damarung body

Simple and VERY effective.  Think on it.

And the one I forgot.

The lovely background system...get rid of that rediculous junk.  I'm currently at a moo that is not CP in any way but blows SD out of the waters, despite the sadness that brings its the truth.  This place is hindered by backgrounds.  As if the admin ever use them for anything anyway.

Kiyoshima, my one good char had at least six-seven pages of history I sent to the admin even since I couldn't get it to post to the damn moo properly.  It was riddled with opportunity after opportunity for them to create something neat.  They could decide to make Kiyo rich, or have him hunted, they could have done countless things but not once did his history come into play.  Its a restriction and its ignorant.  Get rid of it and you'll get a better flux of players.  If there are those who can't understand this is a RP enforced mud, then ban/kill their noob asses, not like they'll be more than five minutes of your time.

Uh, turn based combat. Yuck. Nothing less fast and hard cyberpunk than dice rolls and combat running 30 minutes for a single gun-fight.

I personally like to toss in poses when I am in combat, things outside just the messages. It's a happy medium between the two.

Haha, of course it would be you to shoot this down Iga.  Let me give my opinion on it rather than simply stating it should be coded.

Combat shouldn't be should be fun.  You say you put things in and all that but y'know, my character doesn't do what I want them to do in combat.  The fact you can blatantly throw in a combat message that -everyone- is capable of is somewhat disheartening.  I want my character to do something different, not just say HEY when he gets shot because SD's combat is too fast for some people.  And while some of the coded messages are neat, namely only those from the MK...they're repetetive and old.
If my char wants to duck and fire then hey, he does what I want if its turnbased and ruled by emotes.  If I want to roll after dodging an attack then sweet, I can...rather with SD's current code, might as well start the fight and walk away...your not needed.

Sorry man. You're going to get a cold reception when you try to change fundamental things about the game. :)

Funny when we get these kinds of posts though. Thx for the laughs.

The other side of htat is abuse...having some character jump 3 feet in the air for a flip kick or something...its hard to gauge what someone is actually able to do.

I do like recognition though.

socials *shrugs* I could leave em as much as take em

I honestly don't find pose-combat fun. Nor do I find turn based fun. I find it actually quite dull and slow.

Yes the messages are repetative, that is a limitation of having them automated. Besides, if we made it turn based, what would we do with all these stats?

*clears his throat*  Simply I say, screw you and your fundamentals.  There are cheaters here using code to win, triggers and aliases, macros and the like.  They're not fundamental things I've suggested to change you puds, they're not fundamental at all.  The RP is fundamental, the code is supplemental, get your shit straight.

And stonemonk, don't know you but, I can take a bullshit emote a little better than someone pwning me because of some lame coded excuse not to make things better.  Jump three feet if you want, still comes down to the roll, the supplement.

For you Iga I say, keep the stats.  I'm not suggesting removing them, they would be what is required to determine if you actually hit or not.  One person emotes their attack and where they're aiming.  Then, they type kill blah bodypart so their char attacks that area.  Head and limbs being more difficult to hit.  If the attack connects, calculated by those nifty stats, then the person who was hit emotes and retorts in the same fashion...its all really quite simple.

But make fun...thats fine, let SD crumble if you'd like.  We've all bared witness to you all leaving for long periods of time and coming back to do nothing...other than the grid being fixed there's no reason to applaud any of you.  I'm sorry but...that's just how I've come to feel about the lax administration of this dying moo.  There will be no further reply from me, you've all made it apparently clear you can't even appreciate a simple idea that would help this place.

Sorry you felt like it was an assault.  I think we've all experienced and tossed around these ideas.  I don't think there's one better way.  You sometimes just have to choose and move forward with it.  At one point it was decided to have it work this way and the rest of the code forms around that decision.  

Besides combat isn't such a large part of MOOing that one way has a better impact on the RP of the MOO.  I think you learn to work in whichever system.  I personally like to hit 'Attack' and commit to whatever the outcome's like one big dice roll to me.

Just my 2 cents.

That recognition system would be awesome.  especially for my character.

but I think that the combat system you're suggesting would be really boring.  I for one would avoid combat as much as possible if that sort of thing was implemented.

Whoa whoa... where's all this hostility coming from?

If you didn't want to hear other people's thoughts, you really shouldn't post in a public forum. You clearly have your sarcasm sensor set to off as well. My goodness. I thought everyone knew to take anything I say with at least a grain of salt! Ask Lotus, he'll tell you...

Now, if you know of a cheater abusing code you should be reporting these activities to the admin so that we can deal with it. It may be a bug, it may be a violation of our game rules ( @rules if you have not read them ). Quite frankly, either way any system goes people complain.

We use an automated combat system, some MUDs use pose and turn based. Both are perfectly valid. Also, what you find entertaining, others do not. Part of our game is that the people here don't find combat entertaining at all, so we've tried to automated it and made it as streamlined as possible without being horribly boring or instant.

What we find entertaining is the roleplaying that leads up to combat, and the roleplaying that happens afterwards. Combat should not be anyone's focus, because, frankly, it's boring.

And, finally, that recognition idea is bitchin. Also, forcing people to use complex emotes rather than socials is a bad idea. Any time options are removed, people just find ways to get around it. Such as not posing at all. People who wish to take the time and pose can and do so. People who don't have options to do faster things, or not at all. Seems like the best of both worlds.

pose .wander off to look at something else and spend some time with his girl, "Toodle-ooo."

Quote: from Damarung on 1:14 am on Jan. 29, 2007[br]And the one I forgot.

The lovely background system...get rid of that rediculous junk.  I'm currently at a moo that is not CP in any way but blows SD out of the waters, despite the sadness that brings its the truth.  This place is hindered by backgrounds.  As if the admin ever use them for anything anyway.

Sorry man, me and you got a long real well while you were here, but i'm calling bullshit on this one.

Most of my characters have had pretty intense histories. And most of my characters, the ones who wanted to dig up their past for whatever reason, were greeted with lots of cool stuff from their past. It's a give give situation. The GMs sole purpose is not to make the game better for you, but for everyone. If you wanted them to do something from your past, you should initiate it. It is very possible to do that, and then the GMs decide on what from your past should come back to haunt you.

As a GM elseMoo, I find that histories are an integral part of a player/character bonding experience. It helps the player get  sense of where that character is mentally and emotionally which should determine all his/her actions in game. It lets the GMs know the same thing and gives them ideas. Maybe they didn't do shit with your history, maybe they did and you didn't bite. But getting rid of it is just assinine.


I'm a bit insulted, it seems like you are just mad because things didn't go your way and you left because of it.  That was your choice, please don't take out your aggression toward the admin or other players of the game here.

When I read a history, I start to plan ahead.  I open up oppertunities for a character to walk the path he was already walking in his/her history.  

That is why we ask for certrain things in a history, IE: where the character is from, what they want to do, what there vices are..

Not only is it important for us, but it's important for the player to develop these ideas in the mind before they try to RP them.  It plans it out a bit.

I'm slightly insulted as well Slither. Perhaps he'd like to further explain how we're going to deal with multiple NPCs in combat situations when we have to emote and RP each separate one, basing things off of stats and rolls. This isn't a MUSH. We have a coded combat system for a reason. I do agree that it does go very fast, which makes even reading what just happened almost impossible until the fight is over. But I don't think anyone has multiple hours to sit and wait while we figure out stat rolls for 15 separate NPCs, then attempt to do descriptive emotes to balance the combat.

The recognize command is interesting and been discussed before. Further discussion may see something like this implemented.

As for your disgust with histories. I never once saw a 6 page history on your character or any other character for that matter. Most people who want to do something concerning their history bring it up with an admin and discuss what can or can't be done. There are many players who have had things in their histories come in the game. Just because you haven't witnessed it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

It's quite obvious you're bitter. I know your character was getting fucked around and believe it or not I stepped in a number of times behind the scenes to try to get things turned around for him. So, this is where I take great offense at the administration being called lax. Sure we all have our bad days, weeks, months.. but many of us are still around at different hours of the day attempting to make things a bit more interesting for our valued playerbase.

Yes, there are cheaters around and trigger use is against the rules. Macros are available to anyone in game. If you believe somebody is using client-side triggers/macros to get an advantage, that is breaking our rules and you should have brought it up with the administration.

There is also no rule against players engaging in a turn-based RP'd combat situation. Ask the admin to assist and we'll deal out damage based on your stats/skills. We've done this a number of times for certain situations (although no large battle sequences that I'm aware of yet).

I'm tired of people voicing their problems and complaints after it is too late, then getting mad when nothing was done. If I don't know there's a problem, then how the hell am I going to get it fixed?

Everyone go read @rules again and use xhelp if you have a concern/complaint/issue/need help with an RP situation

We're all people, Sindome can get very serious and we all love our characters deeply and don't want to see anything bad happen to them.

I understand this, and I am thinking that is where the hostility comes from.  I don't want bad, unfair, things to happen to my character..

But I think we need to establish a level of respect here.  Damarung, you are not being very diplomatic.  I found some of your comments personally insulting.  Not insulting to my character, or my admin bit, but to me, as a person.

A lot of what you said was constructive, and could benifit the game, if the decision to implement it was made (the idea of recognizing people, for instance)

It's overshadowed by the negativity with which you made your other comments.

That being said; I personally miss you playing, and miss RPing with you both as an admin and as a player.  I hope you come back and play again.  I feel like a lot of things were left un-finished that could be a lot of fun both for you, and for other characters involved.

Everyone has heard it before.. this is CP and CP is gritty and harsh and not altogether friendly.  Bad things will happen.  We just have to stop looking at it as BAD for US personally, and look more at it being BAD for or character but potentialy and probably incredibly fun for US as PLAYERS to RP.

Hmm, I have to say I agree with them for the most part Dam..  You've been here for what, four-five years on and off?  In that time I've never really heard any complaints about the way the fights go, except times that, like you've said before, things sometimes go too fast.  I agree in a sense that sure I'd like some RP before/during/after a fight, although sometimes it doesn't come to that.  In a sense, I feel you're overreacting quite a bit.  Looking at the last year or so, I've seen multiple times you've been involved in some deep RP, and although it may have not been to your liking, it was RP nonetheless.

Anyway, back to the point I was getting at, you've had a nice run with your character as far as I know.  I for one can say that I've enjoyed multiple great RP sessions with him, yet I can also say that in all the years I've played that at one time or another any character I've had has been shafted ICly.  It happens man.  Don't let what happens ICly affect your view of the game overall.  Can you honestly say the bad things that have happened to you here overshadow all the good times you've had?  Take a break, think about it, and as numerous times before come back.

Also, combat needs to be something close to real time, even faster than real time..

Why you ask?

Well.  Say two people are going at it on the streets of RED.. if combat isn't fast.. then player A could SIC there friend who is at an art show up on BLUE and tell him, hey, buddy, i'm getting attacked here, could you come and help me?

There friend would of course say yes.. and then get into there holden, drive ACROSS a city (that isn't really that many rooms, althrough ICly it would take atleast 30 minutes I think, even with express tubes)

The friend would get there, jump out of the car, and start helping..

That needs to be considered.

I have read this and have been deciding if i really need to say anything..

i think i do.

i thought i did a pretty good job of working in plots and RP for you, and while yes, usually they were deflected by a certain unnamed admin, i still worked to make sure you had a good time while we were both on together.

your blanket insult to admin of sindome includes me, and that does sting a bit, seeing i thought we were bein pretty good friends out-MOO.

Dam, c'mon man.. what's behind all this? you said you werent going to respond anymore, but are you still reading? ok, so you're having fun elseMOO.. good. congrats! no one is calling you traitor for it.. its okay..

but believe it or not, things are moving forward here. we've built a game plan for the year, reactivated several previous admin, and are working towards a great accomplishment for the year ahead.

See? you've got several admin, including myself, interested in the recognize command. (i also saw that in a moo core i had downloaded and thought it brilliant and a good way to correct the *name/nickname etc etc etc issue)

shake it off, mano. take a break. enjoy your otherMOO and we'll will be waiting for you when you come back.

*removed the character names and associated nicks. you all know the examples anyway.. if not, find out ic.

(Edited by SoulExistence at 6:18 pm on Jan. 29, 2007)

(Edited by SoulExistence at 6:32 pm on Jan. 29, 2007)

I think it is also a fair thing to point out that these admins arent paid for what they do. I know it seems like at times the MOO is dead and nothing happens for a few days, but I know that these guys/girls have lives outside of Sindome and everything they do is completely free of charge. I know for a fact that Iga has put countless hours into RP sessions for my character's, even though I am sure his rent came due ten times over and he probably could have spent the time on better things, like making money to pay bills or whatever.

The point is, that I would find it to almost be expected to see days when the MOO is dead, and to not have stuff implemented right away. I have seen great changes in the MOO from the time I've been here. Sure, it wasnt something as cool as the nickname system, but it was more fundamental stuff, things we probably wouldnt notice until the MOO crashed. Soul or Slither or one of the admins explained to me(Well, tried anyway) the work it would take to get the forum back up. I have to say, it was a massive under taking and had to have taken over 100 hours to fix

I am sorry to see you go but dont be upset, I have put up many ideas in these forums, and nine times out of ten they got shot down within the first twenty four hours. But that's the beauty of these forums, it's a place for us, as both admins and players, to discuss what would make the game better. Your idea to remove the history system was denied. Personally, I think it's a great way to setup your character, and to help the admins to know what kind of things he has done in his or her life. It also helps me to know what kind of mannerisms he would have, based on where he lived.

I remember having many a good RP session with you, and I hope you return soon, cause the MOO won't be quite the same without ya.

Admin isn't supposed to have feelings! :bollox:

I'm tired of hearing this shit, seriously. I can't say it any better then TAKE THIS!

What's to argue? Some situations shouldn't be winnable. There's no gaurentee for success, only for failure.

Sindome IS the Kobayashi Maru scenario. You will not survive. Period. Death, destruction, entropy, and failure is inevitable. The only variable is when, and how.

The game is fun because of that! The more powerful you become, the more people envy that power, and will seek to gain it for themselves, and the harder you're going to have to struggle to maintain it. The joy of playing lies in holding off that death and destruction just another day... keeping that power just a little longer.

It's a non-zero-sum game, with no 'good' ending. And the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. If you've become so powerful that you're literally indestructable, the game becomes quite pointless and dull (isn't that right, Murphy?). The only thing that keeps it interesting is having to constantly maintain that power. And sometimes that means losing it.

It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 1:28 pm on Jan. 30, 2007)

I am still reading yes.  And I have some words I'd like to say.

The post started all kind and nice then suddenly I lashed out simply because someone said something I thought was insulting.  I think...even though its pretty fucking personal, that I should explain.

On December 29th of 2006, my mother dissappeared from her home.  Her sleeping pills, and half of her cough medicine were missing...she was found in a field south of Holdenville.  Sadly...she is dead and I have been very alone.

I'm upset...I'm unhappy and I took those frustrations out on everyone here.  I am sorry.

Holy shit man, I hate to hear that.  Damn bro, you know my number, give me a call if you need.

Yeah, man, I hate to hear that... my AIM is rybaby10204 (My girl same up with it). I know we're pretty much strangers... But we're both SD'ers, so I am willing to lend an ear.

Quote: from Damarung on 9:14 pm on Jan. 30, 2007[br]I am still reading yes. �And I have some words I'd like to say.

The post started all kind and nice then suddenly I lashed out simply because someone said something I thought was insulting. �I think...even though its pretty fucking personal, that I should explain.

On December 29th of 2006, my mother dissappeared from her home. �Her sleeping pills, and half of her cough medicine were missing...she was found in a field south of Holdenville. �Sadly...she is dead and I have been very alone.

I'm upset...I'm unhappy and I took those frustrations out on everyone here. �I am sorry.

I am soo sorry to hear that, Dam. Really, I am. If you need me, mano, you know where i am. i'm serious, bro.. you wanna talk.. you wanna just play cards or chess or whatever.. lemme know. don't have to be alone.

There will always be clashing views between players on sindome, and while that stays true so does the fact that we all consider each other friends and family.  

My cell is 617 512 zero eight one two.  Give me a call man.

I'm a little late on this one, but I feelfor ya man. I've lost a few friends and a family member this month. You just gotta have a good grieve, put it behind you and drive on. Your friends and family wouldn't want you to live a life of constant sorrow. I know it's hard, but that's just how I deal personally, becuase everyone here has to clock out sometime.

That said, You probably despised my character both Icly and OOCly, but that was what made it fun for me. It was refreshing to go head to head with a LEO who wasn't completly clueless about his job. You were doin good, then you just up and did your thing, which is fine if that's how you wanted to end it, but there was still so much you could have done. You were a good opponent, and when one of my character partnered with you, a good ally who allways kept me busy. Don't get frustrated man! If someone pisses you off ICly, plot plot plot. IF you can't get em, get an army of other motherfuckers to do it. Find some way to ruin their name, nything. Just don't get pissed and walk away. I admit, I did something simmilar after a heated argument with an admin, but I kept my character on the hold just incase. But good luck with whatever comes your way bro.

Quote: from Johnny on 9:26 pm on Jan. 28, 2007[br]Sorry man. You're going to get a cold reception when you try to change fundamental things about the game. :)

Funny when we get these kinds of posts though. Thx for the laughs.

You know when I want to say 'Thx for the laughs?' Every time I type @who.

And the reception might not be so cold when many people aren't enjoying their experience on SD and haven't in a very long time.

Or maybe that's just me. Maybe the 'growing playerbase' (there is a playerbase, right?) is very happy with SD and where it's going. Maybe the admin haven't been handling things wrong for years on end. Actually, that's probably right, I don't know where I get these silly ideas in my head.

Whoa, crazy deja vu type thing...'s like shit I would have posted 5 years ago (if hadn't gotten myself banned) has somehow fallen out of Lotus' head.

I blame Bishop.

Well, if you haven't noticed yet, I tend to have difficulty keeping my word when I say "Never coming back..." �But in my defence here, I wanted to present everyone, players and admin with this, a -real- apology for my...ignorant misbehavior.

There were -many- things chewing on me at that particular point in time. �The happenings of my character were quite literally the pinpoint of the issues (meaning they were tiny by comparison). �My mothers suicide, the fact I had a bum stapled to my couch in the guise of a roomate/friend, unstable quakes in my relationship with my girl, difficulties with finding a reliable job, broken name it, it was up my ass real deep-like. �The truth here is...I was looking for a scape-goat. �I had so much built up anger that I could hardly think, it seemed SD held my only calming moments. �And the moment things started to sour there I snapped...I took my frustrations, my losses, and my sadness out on the good people here. �Those things I said...god, I didn't mean them. �I was just bitter as it was said, bitter and full of hatred. �I sought release, I'm now mortified it was toward all of you that I 'released' upon.

Many of you sought to console me, so quick to forgive, and for that I am thankful. �But I've never been one to rely on others for guidance, or stability. �I am a Cancerean man...these feelings ebb and flow through me as the waters, and in time the waves subsided. �I've always been this way, it is my understanding that no man can calm water, only splash it about. �And yes, I know, completely lame but its in this fancy book so yeah, guy is making bank, has to be somewhat viable.

To the admin alone, thank you, honestly guys, for all the times, even the shitty ones. �Gave me something to bitch about at least right? �:D

To the players, my absence has left me with many thoughts. �I know not if my previous character exists still, this is beyond my knowledge at this point. �If so...perhaps you'll see him again...if not, then perhaps not I guess. �What? �You expected some cool lil' quip? �But who knows...been a long time since I heard of any player psycho killers...

Ah and yes, that apology. �There's really no better way to put it than, I'm sorry, please forgive?

What's done is done, no sense stressing about it.  As for the admin mishandling things for years on end..

I tire of such comments.  I love SD, and that's why I'm an admin.  I don't have nearly as much fun doing adminly things as I do actually -playing- my character.  

It's a half in half out kind of thing that I've seen happen so every active character who's player has become an admin.  Iga's, Chaos's, Mine.

All great characters that did a lot for the game, but when you become an admin, you just don't have as much time to devote to it.  We talk about 'getting into the mind of your character' thats whats really fun for me, getting into the mind of my character and being -him- for awhile.  

But, when your puppeting on the admin side, and RPing your character on the player side, and writing descriptions or whatever, you can't get into the head of your character as well if at all..

So, why do I continue to admin?  Or why don't I just play Seven one day, and admin the next?

Because it's not that easy, all the players need and deserve attention, both positive and negative, and I want to give it too them to keep the game progressing, to keep people enjoying and playing the game..

But really, the BEST RP is the RP you MAKE ON YOUR OWN.

Recently theres been a player who has done a -lot- on there own.  'More then when I was a GM' as he puts it.  And I agree, he's done a lot.  We can't do everything as admin, we can only push things in one direction or another, or put forward situations that make your characters make a decision.  We don't always know whats going to happen next, it's not static, so if you want something to go one way, RP YOUR ASS OFF, and make it happen!


Quote: from Damarung on 6:16 pm on April 22, 2007[br]Well, if you haven't noticed yet, I tend to have difficulty keeping my word when I say "Never coming back..." �
Ah and yes, that apology. �There's really no better way to put it than, I'm sorry, please forgive?

Missed you, mano. Welcome home.