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Trashing Progia 7's
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Could we make Progia-7's trashable?

I've had this in mind for a long time, but thought it might be too much given the Progia-7's backbone role. The recent "minute" change makes them quite a bit more disposable. I was thinking it'd be fun to be able to snap one in half when you're done with a phone call like they do in the movies. It'd also be a bit of a flex for characters who are more established.

Additionally I think inventorying with the new minute system might be harder, so snapping broken ones might be a good feature now.

Not sure what the balance is on trashable vs non-trashable items, but if this is more reasonable now I'd love to see it done. It's like firing a gun in the air in terms of its iconic-ness as a basic scumbag grimester move.

Or ... hear me out ... chute them or sell them off cheap.
Best of both worlds would be the ability to snap progias in half and reduce them to "progia components," which aren't able to be trashed. You would still need to recycle the damaged item for cred to get rid of it and you could use "progia components" for repairing progias or crafting other items.

Alternatively, skip "progia components" and make it a "broken progia-#," which could be repaired using a certain in-game skillset. I'm not sure how hard this would be, but there's already a system that transitions certain item types from functional to non-functional upon using a command.

Irritated with your ace kool who spends too much time on the progia? Take it, snap it, and get their attention. Make them find one of those low-tier techie types that often struggles for work, then have them repair it.

Plus, that could provide a low-rank decker job, recovering paydata from "destroyed" progs, or wiping data from one, which I think would be super themely, and fit in pretty well.
Idea unrealistic. Nothing destroys a progia-7.
The price of Progias going up because people are trashing them and buying them new retail probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, honestly.
As silly as it may sound, Progia-7's are the backbone of the Sindome economy. This could cause a lot more harm than you think.
It brings up.a whole different question for me.

Used phones will come with some number of minutes. Possibly zero. This will liven up the traffic in this particular commodity because they're no longer fungible (all items are no longer equal).