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Trashing Prompt
When You Are Drunk Or Can't Count

Making so players can only trash things that are in their hands instead of being able to do so when they are on the floor.

Or make a prompt asking if you really want to have something trashed before actually obliterating it from the universe.

Because please.

The call of 'trash [incredibly expensive item]' is often too much to bear.
Personally I always do "count item" before "trash item", otherwise you're maybe in for a rough time.
Please no. For those of us who need to trash large numbers of items, a change like this is going to make an already tedious and time consuming process even more so.

If you can't pay attention or be careful when trashing stuff, figure out a way to focus better.

I sense a new @option coming ...
I wish you could trash expensive items, so you could -- for instance -- break a cricket bat across your knee while you laugh at the poor Sinner you took it from.
+1 to an 'are you sure' prompt. I've trashed some photos on accident of chars that are now long gone, very sad mistake.
I sense a new @option coming ...

An @option would be perfect.

So long as it is not mandatory.

I love to trash my expensive credchip on accident when attempting to trash someone's dumbass business card.