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How it impacts the game.

Twinking is focusing on the @stats aspect of the game in an attempt to 'win', via OOC sharing and discussion of stats, to ensure trial and error is minimal, which takes away the roleplay from trial and error, and does harm to the community.

How, do you ask? Think of all the other players whose @stats aren't the end all of things, the types who roleplay. Now comes along JoeBaka who twinks, has this OOC advantage due to min-maxing and absolutely grinds someone whose here for the story, into dust, with minimal loss, due to an OOC advantage. I don't know about you, but I perceive this as a slight.

There should be a rule about this, that absolutely states that OOC stat discussion, in favour of trial and error and discovering your characters strengths and flaws IC, is violation of a rule. We are a roleplay enforced game, we are all here for the story, sometimes we lose, sometimes we get two steps ahead.

We aren't here to twink and cheat the system to our advantage at the expense of others, who actually went out and did these things IC instead of a quick local five minute discussion via local OOC, regarding what stats they should grind to the exact level to absolutely take out X target. Relevance is everything, and I'm ashamed this is actually happening.

Examples of good roleplay:

You want to take out JoeBaka.

You know JoeBaka is stronger than you, but you know JoeBaka's other enemies and how they supposedly faired against JoeBaka.

You go after JoeBaka's enemies and test your skills against them, seeing how you rank as you train and time goes by.

You decide whether you are now strong enough to go after JoeBaka after several weeks, and lot's of good RP that creates story for everyone.

Bad examples of roleplay:

Find mentor IC.

Ask mentor how to train x and y stat.

Ask mentor how to train skill x and y.

Mentor tells you that you should spend a specific amount of days training x,y,z skill, basically meaning accumulate UE and dump it into stat and call it a day.

Sounds about right, right?

I've seen this a lot ICly, specially by new players (less than a year IG). But I guess its just their way of trying to deal with a system they don't fully understand yet because they haven't spend enough time with it and they are trying to gauge their abilities in comparison to others.

Like saying ICly I am 'useless' at X skill, wink wink or I am 'lame' at Y stat and need to keep training on it. It was my understanding that this was a sort of 'gray area' to a certain point.

That being said, I have found players that kind of break immersion by taking it one step further and ICly bringing up how they measure their progress. Like I need X amount of time to feel have I have improved in Y, etc.

The problem is that these new 'twink' players flock to even newer players trying to help them and instill this sort of behavior in them as acceptable until it sort of becomes the norm for a lot of people.

I support your idea, but just like policing that other players have proper descriptions in accordance to their character's appearance. Even with a rule in place, it would be difficult to monitor.

How is finding a mentor in-game and asking them for training advice mutually exclusive with your 'good roleplay' example?

Pretty much nobody is going to be able to tell you 'what stats they should grind to the exact level to absolutely take out X target' and I've never seen anything close to resembling that in-game.

It happens.

People don't want to RP and discover IC'ly, they want to sit in a cube until they've trained to be a badass instead of learning via trial and error.

Don't get me started on the 'It takes me several days to even feel like I've improved at x skill/stat'. No, you gradually learnt over the course of those days, the UE you accumulated over the course of those days represents that. Everyday you're taking in a bit of information, you don't suddenly just get gainz. You wouldn't even notice the small difference at that rate unless you spent weeks training overall, please stop being so meta about stat discussion IC'ly.

I have to personally say when I get dragged into an IC discussion about how someone needs to do x this or x that to be better at stats or skills I find it awkward and a little annoying. If I have to mentor someone ICly I just tell them to go practice and stop talking about it.

I mean IRL I wouldn't tell someone to shoot better then need to be more charismatic and smile more.

I would tell them to go to the range and work on their fundamentals and give them some basic instruction, so I kinda get what you're saying here.

I haven't seen this come up frequently in a meta way. When it does, we nip it in the bud. There's no specific right way to RP this. Just think through how lifelike what you're going to say ICly is and you'll be fine.
This reads like a solution looking for a problem.
I thought this was gonna be a guide to femboys for a second.

But idiotic jokes aside.

People can do whatever they want if it's IC, as long as they aren't blatantly discussing game terms I don't understand why someone can't find a mentor, lock themselves in a room, and roleplay obsessively training like a goddamn nerdlinger.

Lots of people do that in reality as well, they usually become experts and have no fucking lives whatsoever.

Some of our best players RP('d) the training seriously.
I have seen and participated in helping people rp-learn a specific skill which went from teaching stances, techniques, etc followed by going out into the field and practicing on soft targets. That’s all fun and good.

I think what they’re talking about and I see often and try not to get too pulled into, is people being talking about weird shit like training your luck or some substat in a weird way that makes no sense or hold any calue aside from trying to cutely hint that you should plug UE at something. But hey, to each their own. If they aren’t rule breaking in the way they explain it or play it then it is what it is.

If you are ICly using the word 'luck' as something someone needs to work on, such as:

JoeBaka: You gotta work on your luck.

Stop. That's super meta.

I'm fine with something more subtle and themely like:

JoeBaka: You almost got me there, but that shot you took where you completely missed was pretty unlucky. Keep working on your fundamentals, and training.

If you aren't ICly training your skills, by actually RPing using them, practicing, etc, you should start. We have gyms and stuff for physical skill training. And we have terminals and quick terms and enotes and other things you can RP toying around with if you're working on decking type skills.

I once was taught to drive ICly, and it was great, and then I put a bit of UE into it. You could also RP watching training videos on the Grid. Work this kind of stuff into your RP and you will come off as an experienced roleplayer who knows their stuff. Someone who takes theme seriously. Someone others seek out and want to RP with.