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Vehicle fuel readouts
An accessibility nightmare...

So right now, when you look at a vehicle while it's started, you can see its fuel. Unfortunately, the measurement is shown as a bar. What I mean is this.

Well... screw me. Somehow I failed to notice that ninety percent of my idea didn't post so... lets try this again.

When you look at your vehicle while it's turned on, you see an actual bar of vertical lines and periods to indicate the fuel level.

The problem is, it's not very screen reader friendly. As either a screen reader will announce everything and you will have to arrow through manually and count vertical bars by ear to check fuel, or it will read every single vertical bar and period all at once.

Both options are equally as painful, and take significantly longer to check rather than just looking at them with sight.

What I propose is that the fuel system is converted to show as a percentage.

So for instance, when you look at your vehicle while it's on you see...

The fuel tank is 75% full.


The fuel tank is 56% full.

Etc etc.

This way everyone is able to read the information they want to just as quickly.

I support this but I think it should only be done in roughly 10% increments, to simulate the uncertainty of the bar.
I wouldn't be opposed to it being rough, but if we're going the rough way each bar should be a percentage. Since there are thirty of them I don't think ten percent would work.