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Voice reminders

It would be cool if every time you pick up your phone, the system tells you a reminder like

"You are speaking fluent Tagalog, in a chirpy, femenine voice"

This is annoying because sometimes I forget to change my main language or my @voice and people don't recognize me, I have to change it after the fact and it just looks a bit tacky from an IC perspective that you speak the wrong language when you mean to speak another language.

+1. Seen this happen pretty often in game.
Or perhaps something like the @temp_place system but for voices, that changes the voice back when you're done in a scene?
Maybe I am just bad with languages but I know for sure that there are times IRL when I accidentally start talking to someone in the wrong language and don't even realize it until they stare at me dumbfounded or say something (when on the phone). Often because I was just using that language.

I kind of like that it is possible for paydata to slip with the system as it is. Maybe you've hidden the fact that you speak Russian so you can secretly listen on on some bakas and they feel safe saying things because they don't think you understand them. Then one day you accidentally say something in Russian or respond to something they say to you in Russian. Ooops... Drama!

Do it all the time! Especially when the last person you talk to before you log off is in a different language. Makes the next time you log in awkward.