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Wearable Tech Tailoring?
Because my tailor can't stitch me a circuit.

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but wouldn't it make sense if electrotech people could potentially make some custome wearable tech for people?

- Walkmans

- Stuff with sparkly lights

- CP goggles (obviously useless, but fashionable)

- Watches?!

- etc.

Some of these are things I've heard people looking for in the past, and don't make sense to tailor with fabric. I would imagine these things would be made by Electro Tech people.

Materials? Maybe plastic or metal?

Not sure how to combat people making suits of armour, maybe give everything the @see-thru property.

Also custom watches, this would be used a lot I think. Not sure how hard it would be to allow people to add a 'time' property to a custom item.

there's prog cloth, so you can make most of these with prog cloth except watches
Some tailors take liberties and stick LEDs and the like in their clothing, but you should probably have both Artistry and Electro Tech if you want to be making clothing like that.
I would love if there was some very expensive way to embed items into clothes. Obviously expensive because that reduces the risk of having those items fished from pockets.
as for walkmans, tailors have made props like that but there's nothing like electro tech skill involved but it'd be cool obviously if tailors worked with electro techs to do that even if just for flavor
This would be wildly cool! It'd add more fashion and flavor to the game which is fun, open up more player engagement which is always good.

Yeah, tailors handwave nonfunctional props now and then, and I'm torn on it...on one hand, they kind of....shouldn't? But also...there's no other way to get certain things without doing it, so. Maybe it could be pushed into working something along the lines of prog cloth, where tailors can maybe do some of the work, but have to find a techie to do some of it too (or obv. there could be tailors who have both skills).

Potentially a way to encourage a bit of cooperation between tailors and tech-nerds would be to have the ability for a techie to add tech stuff to an item with a second and seperate %color from the rest of the garment?

Maybe a 'component' material, only purpose of which is to set a colour and use on a piece of clothing to add a descriptive paragraph at the end of the colthing's @description and @worn. Don't know if that's possible?

Simple bits of tech like headphones and stuff should be easy enough though I expect, literally just new materials that use a different skill?

well people with a tech skill can already program prog cloth, but if you mean 'tech stuff' I believe it should be for flavor because it's an entire can of worms if they add some kind of functionality
Yeah, I was never suggesting functionality. Just plastic and metal tailored items with blinking lights...

And functional watches, because I really on't think that's going to destroy economy balance, as they will cost more than the current basic option as default (assuming material prices reflect tailoring equivalents), just they'll look nicer :P