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Where did my wallet go?
Oh, its in your hand!

So when you steal an item, it appears in your hands. So if someone looks at you, you walk out of the room or put it away, they are going to see it. Most pickpocket IRL happens in the open, not the shadows, dippers don't hide, they distract. As it works right now, you need to do everything in the shadows.

Because if you don't hide from the start, as soon as the person you stole from realizes you are missing (you sneaked out), you are going to be the first person they suspect when they check their inventory (which players do a lot).

There are ways to go around it, for example awaiting in the shadows and having the person leave the room, but it makes life really difficult for the thief since sneaking around everywhere is rather taxing on the body and also there are places where you can't hide at all, not to mention that if you are in a public venue like bar, other people may notice you sneaking around, which will get you in trouble immediately, unless you are the best ninja in town which most likely you are not.

I am not 100% on this, but I think also putting away things in your inventory breaks stealth, I could be wrong tho.

So my 'idea' is simply, when you steal something it goes into your inventory and not in your hands, straight away and or for putting away items not to break stealth (if it already doesn't work that way). That's it.

Personally, I'm all for Thievery being as high-risk as possible. It's very, very strong.

Having also played a thief who took zero stealth, I'm happy with how the system's working.

I think there should be a separate command that lets you put items away or draw items without anyone noticing.
Euclid makes a good point too, though.
Maybe an unnecessary complication, but for dips who want to operate in the open, there could be a 'palm' command that lets you (attempt to) put something away stealthily checked against other players' perception?
Yeah, it could be a random small item or something. I like the idea of the 'palm' command. Because otherwise you have to frisk, which is rather notorious or know that the mark has the item before you steal it. Also you shouldn't be able to steal, something so ridiculous big like a rifle, or sled-hammer or the likes, it just breaks immersion.

Also think the thief probably can't fight that good, since he is spending his experience towards two skills to get the job done and if he get caught, he most likely will die. On the other hand, robbing people with a baseball bat in hand is a lot more effective and lower risk, when it should be the other way around. Subtlety > Force.

'On the other hand, robbing people with a baseball bat in hand is a lot more effective and lower risk, when it should be the other way around. Subtlety > Force.'.

Not really true though. If the muscle is strong enough then it's low-risk, if the subtlety is subtle enough it's low-risk.

Its true in the sense, that as of the current build and how stealing things work right now, the sneaky thief is at a disadvantage. Also I'd rather change the hiding description, depending on the location. For example 'hiding in the shadows' doesn't have the same connotation as 'keeping a low profile' or 'melded into the crowed'. In other words, it is as if your character is just another ambient character and not a person with obvious malicious intent.
I see no reason to strengthen something as powerful as thievery currently is in such a way..
A master thief faces significantly less risk than a master mugger, across many facets. Thievery already has many layers of safety if you're being smart.

You don't even have to be as good as you're suggesting. I've played undeveloped thieves, with and without stealth, with high degrees of success against established players.

I am not suggesting for it be strengthen but rather, change how it works for it to make more sense in a more 'realistic way' and yes, I know this is a game and many things don't work realistically. You could balance it out, so you can't steal a bazooka and or ridiculously heavy and big items or other was to 'nerf' so its more balanced.

Regardless, I take your point and I am sure there are more pressing changes to the game, in the schedule. But I think its a good a idea, to keep in mind for somewhere along the future.

We don't shoot for realism with our game. If we did, a gun shot to the eye would kill you.

A katana slice to the neck, would kill you. We try to be realistic with our reasoning but not our mechanics. It's a game.

The idea that it would be very hard to steal big ass items is not a bad one.

Also the palm idea. I think something with 'stealth' would benefit from the ability to stealthily hold something or unhold something.

There are some challenges to implementing these things-- but we will keep them in mind moving forward.

Thanks for the idea and the feedback!

-- S