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White Noise Generators
Anti-cyberear technology

I was thinking recently about the value of cyberears as a tool to covertly gather information on conversations being held nearby. Then, a thought occurred to me.

I have experienced, first hand, the powerful masking abilities of white noise generators. What if they could be purchased from in game locations? Perhaps they would be for corporate only use or perhaps they'd be around the price of some of the more expensive SHI products, but I think they could present some interesting challenges to trying to spy on someone.

+1 on this. It would be very handy and tie in with other existing things I believe.
This is one of those things I think is better off just leaving as a vulnerability. There are plenty of ways to get around it as it is and I'd rather see the investment it takes to eavesdrop pay off.
These things are a staple in Shadowrun at least, and I've thought to myself on multiple occasions that I think they'd add to the game. I just want to be able to have a meet with someone about business in a public location without the entire server finding out what I'm doing through grapevine. There's incredibly easy ways to counteract listening ears in ways that just aren't very interesting.
Only if it's an implant.
I think this could make sense as a grenade type device and an implant with a cooldown.
There was a mention of a banshee's wail like chrome a while ago that'd act like a sonic. Personally, I think using it for this would be far more amusing. Let out a subsonic noise that deafens chrome ears as a counter measure (Like a dog whistle because cyber-ears are sensitive or whatever) for a set period of time.
Two words.

Brown note.