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WHO + Letter Search Only
More realistic data

I'm guilty of gleaning too much information from the WHOLIST at times, and it's something for me to self-police better... but it has occurred that querying a list of everyone on the network is not that realistic. I imagine it like a phonebook (I may be dating myself), someone doesn't read the whole thing, they flip to the letter they want.

So hypothetically: Make 'who + letter' the only syntax for 'who', so only letter searches can be made.

It would basically be an anti-feature and make it harder to check who is on the network, and I understand if everyone would hate it. But I think it could have a few advantages in terms of reducing small-worlding and making it much more difficult to suss out if a character is awake at particular times, or whether groups of characters are all awake together or not, or to get tipped off that some super dangerous/famous character is active.

Also ctags are pretty much the strongest advertising that exists in-game, since they're constantly seen over and over for free, and not being able to rely on slapping the job in the tag and having every PC know, might drive more SICAD or business card use.

An alternative idea to this would be, keep 'who' but limit it to only ten random online aliases. That way there's an in-game way to explain why the who list isn't 80 million names long.

Doing 'who' is a lot of lines of info all at once and it should have the same reaction that really big sicads have on players. It should almost be uncomfortable for the PC at that point.

Right! Running with how characters react to 10-20 lines of traffic like that, could imagine that 85+ million lines in one burst would be complete system shock, implant overloaded and only able to keep up with modification or overclocking.

It could even be something cyberneticists could enable, a dangerous debug mode that allows characters to mainline all the data there is, even if it blows out their synapses on the pavement.

Maybe WHOLIST is now too much of a fundamental roleplaying tool to muck around with it, but fog is an effective tool at making things seem bigger than they are.

I like being able to find people to RP with. If I have to type WHO multiple times just to find out who's available for RP, I will be sad, and I'll likely create spontaneous RP less often. I understand how it can be used to metagame, but please come up with a solution that also makes it so that I can still find RP efficiently.

I'll start with a suggestion: Limit queries to once every 5 minutes instead of once every 10 seconds.

Is this an issue of immersion or an issue of balance?
who is a great way to know who's online and who you can RP with. It's the first command I type when I login to know exactly who I might be able to interact with. Why would you make it inconvenient for me to jumpstart into RP and have me to type who ten times one for each letter?
I'm on the side of who being an fine as is. From out OOC standpoint it helps with finding RP, reaching out to other characters to start new RP etc etc. It is the first thing I type when I log in.

From a character point of view I see it more as Microsoft teams user list for work, or discord who's online list. With the tech available at the time, it should not be surprising that the system could filter out notable contacts, relatable contacts, personalised contacts out of the millions of Sic users to give you just a small section of those relevent to you.

As for the potential player advantages, we all have access to use it both IC and OOC how we wish, there are things in game to mess with SIC which I think provide enough tools to counter the potential meta game. But honestly, I think there is a lot to be said for SIC as a tool for characters IC especially SEC, WJF and so on.

I like its current state honestly.

Of course players like it's current state and would prefer it not change, because it allows everyone to query every in signal PC and puppeted NPC in one go. It's an extremely powerful tool that naturally players are used to. Several RP games simply just let players query every player online and their character location to enable RP, so there is already some precedent for reducing convenience to increase immersion.

Needless to say making changes has a development cost and not every concept can be experimented with towards an ideal, and I agree there is a convenience cost to players, but I think some alternative to showing everyone does have possible gameplay benefits in making it more difficult to track and identify players and NPCs and to increase immersion.

What Flash described is the way I rationalize the WHOLIST currently. Anyway, I understand where this is coming from, but I'm kind of indifferent to the idea. Could take it or leave it, but I'll side with the majority here.
Wow. I completely typed the wrong name. What SPARK said. Sorry. Saw Spark and thought of something else that was similar
Uh... Unless I'm reading this wrong... You all are asking for something that has been possible for... A really long time.

Has anyone actually tried typing 'who w' for example? I implemented this years ago.

The request isn't to implement the ability to who + letter, it's a request to make it so the ONLY way to use the who system is with who + letter. No more who to generate the whole list of aliases of all letters.
Nevermind I read it wrong.

I'm against this. I always rationalize it as you are getting a sunset of users based on the sic machine learning algos showing you aliases it thinks you will be interested in.

Plenty of folx use sic to advertise services and in a game our size the benefits of being able to see who is available to interact with outweigh the unrealism of it.

That's not going to happen.
I love that explanation Slither! Maybe it would be good to add it to one of the SIC help files?