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Why can't i blow my own head off?
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Gerik

I'd like to see available the availability to blow your own head off with guns, that way if I've just had enough of this fucking shit, I can supposedly end it. Or for like /eventually/ if there are head-storage type stuff like in Johnny Nmenonic(sp?) you can store stuff in your head and you're about to be caught, you blow your own head off so that they can't get it.

I like the idea.

type: point gun at head

and if anyone 'grapple's or 'attacks' you automatically pull the trigger...

or type 'shoot'
or type 'kill <someone>' to switch the aim elsewhere...

I really don't know why this hasn't been implemented. Probably cause at the time we were more heavily into a testing state and dying wasn't an option back then.  I'm all for blowing your head off or putting a bullet or 30 in your heart. Hell, shoot yourself in the foot and bleed to death for all I care.  It will be implemented... not to worry.


Cut and paste from the MOO:

kill me
Sorry, you can't kill yourself -yet-. Code pending. Try prozac.

I think that about covers it.