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Wincing, grunting, cursing when in pain

Change people's speech to include winces, grunts, maybe expletives, when they're suffering from a certain level of damage or if they've suffered damage to their stats from recent damage.
It's something I do and encourage others to do but I don't think I want the game doing it for me. Especially the expletives. My character has a select set of expletives they use and I don't want the game making my character use the expletives some other person picked out.

In fact, there are a whole slew of minor messages that have always bothered me because they impose a reaction or action on my character and I am always happy when they get cleaned up. I'd rather avoid features that decide what foods I like, what curses I use and the like.

Grunting in pain is largely involuntary. Some would say it depends on how tough you are.
When you're exhausted, which you most likely will be when hurt, I think it already makes you talk.... like.... *gasp* this.... doesn't it?