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Written Languages
I have no idea what this says...looks asian?

Just like the subject says. I propose written language for Letters and perhaps a few other mediums. SHI E-Note and Docupad OS Language settings would be neat but perhaps only really come into play when printing said documents as language settings can be toggled in an OS if you can navigate it by GUI alone. This could also be useful with spraypaint.

Ideally, this would help drive home the cultural hub thing Cerb is going for.


Spraypaint graffiti being in one language and can only be understood if you have that language?

Did I read that right?

If so, I know this idea has come up before and I like it. (The idea was for letters and television before I think.)

Then, you could also write a letter using 2 languages if you know 2 languages.

Right now I imagine the description would be something like: Written in orange: Words of Graffiti written in Spanish say, Get off our turf you crazy fuck.

(And below it in cyan: Go the fuck away! This is (group) turf.) <- just like normal.

We don't have this already? Why not?


I went looking and found the thread, and (tried to) resurface the idea there:

I'm thinking on this, and I imagine pre-existing writings would be assumed English.

I also imagine, given syntax limitations, that we'd have to:

1. Select the language in a menu.

2. Be speaking the language we want to write in.

3. Utilize an encoding method such as in the thread Ghostinthekeys linked.

I think I like the third option the most. If implemented, it could be incorporated for speech, as well, and would allow for fun bilingual bits. As a fallback, though, and to (maybe?) make implementation easier, I could be happy with the second.