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[Apr '21] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Stuffs getting better, stuffs getting better all the time.

This is where we'll post improvements and bug fixes we did in the month of April. If you've got feedback for us about it, please post it in the Improvements Feedback thread for this month.

Progias work thanks to the power of the grid. There isn't a whole lot of grid infrastructure outside the dome. So, Progias don't work well outside the dome anymore. They will still work in certain populated areas (or near those populated areas) and should work reliably in the dome, but they shouldn't work absolutely everywhere anymore. :)

But Johnny you say, My quickterm doesn't work, but my progia does! To that, I say that the Internet doesn't always work on my phone, but I can make calls still, network technologies are weird!


Redial and *69 on Progia 9 and 11s should be properly affected by OOC locations, the requirement to hold your phone, EMP and the previous posts effects that can impair their ability to work outside the dome.


Use a double backslash before whatever you want to say over the radio in your hands. It'll remind you to hold it if it finds one in your inventory. Much faster than the transmit command.

Note this only works with handheld radios in your inventory at this time, not helmets or radios installed in vehicles yet. :)


These will now work with the new radio shortcut (\\) too.

You'll find it gets preference to whats held in your hands, then potential radio helmets, followed by radios and intercom panels in the same place as you and finally, a radio you might have in your inventory but forgot to hold.


Radio communication should always show the voice of the person transmitting from now on. Don't go being Solid Snake, I ain't checking for your word-less ellipsis usage. :)

Intercoms too.


The individual configuring their price chart has the option to display dots (.) on the chart to help visually relate the information on the same row. This option will now be overridden when someone looking at the chart has @access STRIP_ASCII enabled.


The 'clear' command now works on terminals you aren't holding if they are locked to a room.


These now show graffiti within 5 minutes of it being put up in a corp.


Vehicles now have Vehicle Identifying Numbers (VINs) stamped on their chassis. This number appears on evaluating the vehicle.


Vehicle VINS now require the appropriate tools in order to be read during evaluation.