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[Apr '22] Improvements Feedback
Feedback here for improvements made in April 2022.

April '22 Improvements and Bug Fixes feedback here, send in your thoughts!
That update to cyberbrains is huge ! I love it.

As is disinfectant, time to make Red smell of Detol!

Does PDS affect two biomodded regions that are supposed to be identical? In the past they've been combined, but due to the sever system, some were trying to think of ways to have unique yet similar descriptors for each naked so if one eye is knocked out, someone still had a descriptor for the remaining eye.


Before sever system -

She has bioluminescent green eyes. Something something edgy eyeballs.

After sever system -

Leye: Her gaze shimmers an eerie bioluminescent green.

Reye: Her iris glows green with a subtle pulse, pupil dialated as she scans her surrounds.

This can be super awkward to write, but I know its important to honor the sever system. This hasn't been applied universally of course - these things take time to catch up with. It was permitted before to consider identical regions as one region with biomods before, but is this true now with the update?

Please advise :)

It does not respect identical biomodded locations, and I don't know of any biomods that honor the sever system, so the system is designed using what has been the standard way of making biomods since forever.

If you have a biomod with eyes written like you said, I'd ask to get it reverted to using one location via service request.

The lending update is great, but I believe it could be even better if lenders were also able to set a window of time during which the loanee doesn't have to worry about payments, before the weekly payments begin.

This would allow for a more flexible system, allowing for different yet valid payment schemes.

Lending system seems very powerful and useful! It'll be a good method for people with niche job skills to get their hands on equipment earlier in their progression than they otherwise would have, which will in turn allow them to offer their services. In default cases, the lending system will generate much-needed work for mid-level solos. Insurance against people vanishing overnight was the missing piece and I expect to see a lot more financing of gear and vehicles now that potential lenders are only worried about losing 10% rather than everything.
The loan update is great.

The lender should be able to cancel / forgive the loan even if it has not been paid back to the terminal.

Wondering about the 'no midgets' update. Does this mean all 'diminutives' are just really short people or do they actually suffer from the condition 'dwarfism'? Can it be either? (to back it up..
I like the lending system and I think it has a lot of potential. I would love to see lending history be publicly accessible paydata with the right tools/skillset and that to play into a social credit score.

A way for people to flex on the amount of actual meaningful biz they do via said credit score would be cool and could be a way to both ICly and OOCly know where you stand as a mover and shaker.

Go Team PRI.

First they dumped Phil Hernandez. Now they've displaced NeoTrans.

It surprises me that NEO didn't have much to offer players. As the transportation corporation, it seems like there should have been a lot of ways for them to exert leverage over other corps and exploit dependencies around things like logistics.

I really appreciate that the staff takes a holistic view of how an organization fits into the overall game with regards to factors like supporting certain skill sets and being able to foster certain dynamics.

I see this change as another step in the progression and evolution away from sindome as a game that is tilted heavily towards combat characters. Combat will obviously always be king because it is hard to argue with someone or act against them when you're sleeping in a vat.

I can see that the staff have an overarching strategic vision and they aren't just making reactionary changes in a ham fisted attempt to "balance the meta."

A little curious why SaedorKrupp wasn't considered as a contender. I've always wanted to see it as a playable corp.
Far as I've heard there's simply not enough for players to do there job-wise so it would ultimately be another NeoTrans. PRI offers a lot more versatility in job types and opportunities for certain skillsets.
I suppose I don't know loads about PRI but I disagree to some degree. SaedorKrupp would be THE tech corp. In cybertech development, for all the electrotechnicians out there as well as other types of techies. I always thought it'd be fun to see players there, maybe even have them develop new technologies like VS has developed new nanogens, et cetera.
We've said countless times that SK will never be a player corp. We don't want players designing new cybertech.
Oh? I don't remember that. I must've missed it. Well, I'm sure if they did come up with ideas, staff would decide whether to decline or accept either way. Oh, well.
Bomb Defusals

"It's going to be a hot time, in the old town, tonight."

Obey the Law. Report fires to the proper authorities. 🤪

Motorcycle fairings -

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but in consolidating all "left" and "right" motorcycle fairings together, it seems that they have also been converted from "basic plastic" to "light metal."

Fenders remain "basic plastic."

It was intentional. Aluminum fairings were not named correctly and I fixed them.
These parts specifically were basic plastic fairings originally, not aluminum.
Again, incorrect. They were always aluminum, all aluminum parts were previously called plastic. Congrats on the free upgrade.
I march with Mirage for the Vehicle Crusade. I think it's a really cool new addition.
"Parts that are pristine and having no damage at all are completely exempt and will never be damaged.

Re: Wear and Tear, I think this change to undamaged parts is a sleeper but pretty meaningful and interesting. I see a lot of potential changes in what players value with vehicles from this change.

I'm mildly concerned about wear and tear.

I'd like to make sure that vehicles that are making noises like rattling engines and transmissions and the like only do so when they take enough damage that a mechanic will actually be able to do something about it. If there's a chance of random damage, I really don't want mechs to have to turn people away for following what sounds like a roleplay cue, when there's a ceiling on how much they can repair.

Would like to float the idea that there is a threshold before wear and tear takes effect if at all possible. OR have wear and tear effect even prisitine items.

The threshold is the random number.

It's so rare to happen on rare vehicles I don't really wanna attach the messaging to it, and it's so common on REALLY damaged vehicles, I aso don't want to attach messaging to it. You'll either never get the messaging, or constantly get the messaging, at both ends of the extreme.

I'd really prefer people like.. use systems before they offer feedback. I don't like it when people don't even give my systems a chance before they offer opinions.

I'm not sure why pristine parts should be exempt from wear and tear; use is use.

I am a bit concerned about probabilities though. Assuming rooms in the tubes count, a single one-way trip from Red to Green can easily cover 80 rooms or more. If you're on a bike with all parts being non-pristine, that's 880 checks for damage. In a car, it's 1,120. A round trip to certain locations can easily trigger around 3,000 checks. Regular commutes have the potential to become very costly. I trust the GMs will take this into account as they set the probability of something taking wear and tear damage.

@Something_Wicked My observation has actually been the opposite - typically parts are in a condition where a mechanic can do something for it before there are noticeable signs that something is wrong.

That is incorrect. The check is per move, like I said, not per part per move.

(Edited by MirageGM at 6:39 am on 4/26/2022)

My misunderstanding then; it was an interpretation of this:

"Every time a vehicle drives or flies to a new room, it checks the quality of its parts to see if one part will randomly take some damage."

"Check[ing] the quality of its parts" seemed to imply that it would in fact check for each part that was not pristine quality. If that's not how it works, then yes, that is significantly better.

I am still confused though about the exemption of pristine parts from this mechanism. I don't presume to know the reason behind this change, but I would think it would be better to affect any and all parts, pristine or otherwise. IRL, car parts wear down through use, even new ones. Mirroring this in-game would ensure that any vehicle would eventually require maintenance, which would increase opportunity for RP.

It's to enforce a roleplay narrative. Game balance reinforcing roleplay, rather than emulating real life.
The loan system seems awesome but I do have a question...

If Bob does not repay Jill, Jill gets the right to kill Bob or pay to have them killed. So it happens. Bob dies. But then what? What is the state of the loan?

Is the execution order still there to be used again and again and again? Would this then encourage chain killing Bob?

Is the loan then considered to be defaulted so that Bob no longer owes and Jill can reimburse? Would this encourage a character to just die as it's cheaper than the loan?

Maybe I missed this path and I apologize if I did but I am unsure where this leads (Bob not paying then dying).

I'm sure restraints are expected and it should be RP'd out like.. 'Well, we had you killed because you're not paying up, so we're giving you two weeks to resume'

Perhaps a cooldown should be set in place.

It looked to me - from the update thread and ingame explanations - like making a legal kill after a default doesn't change the status of the loan at all, it's in the same state afterwards. If you are informing the WJF about your collection action every time, you're probably not going to do it a lot in short succession or otherwise get excessive about it - at that point they'll probably tell you that you've made your point, give the chum time to come up with the money. But from the description, the right to legal hits sounds like it only goes away when the account is current again.

Staff can correct me if I'm wrong here!

Rhicora is correct.
Makes sense. Thanks for explaining and verifying!
Yep, correct as described. Loan is still there. As long as you are in default you can be legally killed by the person you owe money too.

The reason I don't think this will cause chain killing generally (there are always exceptions) is that if you kill someone over and over you are less likely to get your money back, as dying costs money and reduces time people have to do stuff that might make them money to pay you back.

We shall see how it goes and tweak if needed as sometimes in wrong about how things will play out.

Falling Speed

Does the update affect characters too?

Yep, hence it giving you more time to deploy paraglider wings. :)
Soooo, wearing your paraglider and deploying it mid fall is possible now?