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[Feb 2019] Improvement Round-Up
Your one stop shop for Feb 2019 updates

Hey Everyone -

Time for the monthly round-up of code fixes, updates, and new features! This was a big month for us, though a LOT of the code that was added was around 256-color support, which was a huge, giant, project for a lot of reasons (the moo doesn't support colors out of the box and the color code we had was pretty tough to work with and update).

Here's the list of stuff we worked on!


This is now 1 week instead of 2.


I've updated the door help file to be much less confusing. You can 'help codelock' to view it or 'help exitname' if you are at your door.


Stationary versions of these devices will now work without being held - which was impossible to do. Portable versions still need to be held to use most functions. Also cleaned up the code a bit.


You now need to 'inspect' drugs to get an idea of how potent they are instead of 'look'ing at them. This also means that checking for a drug's potency repeatedly will not give you fluctuating values.


I've fixed the long standing bug tailors would get when setting messages that happen to contain the words her or him or his in the middle of other words.


This was done as part of an upgrade to the message checking function that prevents tailors from writing tease messages that display values that shouldn't be displayable. A simple abuse case would be %[dname], allowing you to make a garment that would give you the undisguised name of an individual. This is no longer possible.


Any logs taken in recent months via the web client, when you were using https, will potentially have issues in some browsers due to loading of insecure resources. This can be fixed by editing the log's HTML at the top to point to http for the portion.

This shouldn't effect too many people and we have fixed the issue so that new logs taken after the next web client restart should work properly.


These are now limited to 15 characters. If that proves too restrictive please let me know. Previous limit was INFINITY.


Before now it was impossible to tell what help files were updated when without looking at the help file itself. Now we have a handy list of recently updated help files.

'help recent' will display the 25 most recently updated help files.


I noticed that there were a bunch of clothes sitting in the recycling bin that weren't being processed by the clothing voter system. These items had previously been set to 'save' in the old system, which meant we would move them manually back into the market because someone thought they were worth keeping.

The new system doesn't use .save, it just ignores clothes that are .save'd and asks people to review ones that are not. This means that if an item goes through the clothing review process and get's kept, it's moved to the market and then if it's trashed again it gets reviewed again, thus we don't have things kept forever that have fallen out of fashion or utilize old code.

I've made the review system also take into account .save'd items and move them directly to the market so they don't hang out in the recycling system forever. Small improvement, but worth noting for the future.


Support GMs can now @stats again, but they will only see if a player has a clone or not, which is important info for all GMs.


@ansi has been updated to include options for normal ansi and xterm256 though xterm256 has not been implemented yet. Everyone who had ansi off, still has it off, everyone else has xterm256 enabled by default.


We now support 256 colors! help colors for more info. Or see this thread for in depth details:


Rental units that are vacant and available to be rented now communicate their relative size (along with the price and how frequent you'll have to pay) when you 'check' a door.

The sizes are communicating that the unit has:

A Small unit will have less than 3 rooms,

A Medium unit will have more than 2 rooms and less than 6 rooms

A Large unit will have more than 5 rooms.

Please note that this is not a measure of quality. Quality is generally reflected according to where in the city the rental is.


graffiti *Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*

drugs *Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*

deathball *Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*

codelock *Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*

advantages *Last Updated: 02/13/19 by Fengshui*

xhelp *Last Updated: 02/17/19 by Fengshui*

summary *Last Updated: 02/17/19 by Fengshui*

style *Last Updated: 02/17/19 by Fengshui*

@sleaze_action *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

sell *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

pickpocket *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

@quit *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

sex *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

sit *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

health *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

guns *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

staff *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

disease *Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*

sectors *Last Updated: 02/19/19 by Mench*

social_class *Last Updated: 02/19/19 by Mench*

disguise *Last Updated: 02/20/19 by Fengshui*

channels *Last Updated: 02/22/19 by Mench*

ansi *Last Updated: 02/25/19 by Fengshui*

-- S

Crystal kool. Thank you. That is a lot of stuff!