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[Feb 2020] Improvements Feedback
Rolling discussion and feedback from Feb 2020 thread

Starting this topic.

Can the January ones be unpinned and the February improvements and feedbacktopics be pinned?


Thanks for creating a seperate channel for politics.

There are few subjects more divisive or angst creating than politics. One of the main reasons I turned off OOC-Chat was because of the frequent political discussions.


You'll now get a handy indicator in the room title if the place you're at is so crowded that you might have trouble being heard by or addressing everyone. Additionally, the number of characters in a room can raise the ambient population, pushing what may not have been a crowded location to now be crowded.

I have also fixed a bug where socials (nod, smile, wave, etc) directed at someone were not adding the person to the list of people you are addressing. This has probably been broken for a number of years.

Finally, as you miss things, you'll periodically get a message about having missed things.

(Edited by Johnny at 10:26 pm on 2/7/2020)

The crowded changes are great! Thank you.
+1 to the crowded changes.

Has any attention or thought yet been given to the point people keep making, about how some bars are noisy af and some aren't and there doesn't seem to be much sense about where it's applied?

Crowded change is awesome, very helpful. I have yet to notice the notification you're supposed to get when you miss things, but it is surely gonna help. :)
I still hate watch/address but the [CROWDED] addition as well as the occasional messaging about it are unobtrusive and appropriately informative.

It might be worth adding a tipline entry about watch/address if there isn't one, such as...

In a [CROWDED] room? You might have trouble hearing or being heard unless you WATCH and ADDRESS people. Check out the speaking @tutorials for more information.

The appear command is awesome!

It would be nice if you could 'stop appearing' or 'stop appearing all' or something like that to completely revert.

Good feedback-- you folks can add that feedback in the original thread for it. It's only the rolling game improvements thread that we keep locked.