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[Jan '22] Improvements Feedback
Provide feedback about January 222222222 changes here.


Link to updates thread.

(Edited by Mench at 7:01 am on 1/6/2022)

Already noticing the vehicle differences! Thank you!
I appreciate niche improvements like rewritten space travel, but the reality's that most players won't even see them. They're just too specialized and tucked away. It doesn't feel accessible to reach space content right now. Nobody owns a spaceship, few have access to one. And if you do, it'll be for a few hours or days at most, a vacation from where your character usually resides and does biz. Sindome's ultimately about Withmore and the interactions and intrigues that happen in the Dome.

The spraypaint change feels simple and small in comparison, but it's going to have an impact on tons of players and it'll be reflected every day in how the streets look. Corpies, fixers, gangers and artists can all get great mileage out of better access to a variety of spraypaint colors. That's the kind of code improvement that matters to players.

I have to disagree.

People put points into skills and hope to have use out of them. Whatever that use is. Even if it's niche, someone is doing it, and someone has taken months or even years to be good at it.

Also, we have no idea what else this code can be used for. Who knows?

Balance in fixes and additions are good. What you don't use today, might be something you do tomorrow. Love the change and can't wait to see how it plays out.

I agree with Rhicora's sentiment.

In response to the 'Vehicle acceleration' update, it sounds like some of the cooler messages will no longer be valid or applicable in certain situations.

It was always cool being able to hop on a bike and fishtail out of the place in a rush, but now this update seems to imply that you will always leave the room at the slowest speed, meaning this is no longer possible?

Here's hoping this is another use for the different types of transmissions! Maybe you can get that 'fishtail out' feel going again with the right part.
I have to agree that the vehicle acceleration change is a bit of a buzzkill, wheelspinning away at reckless driver speed on the spot is part of what made it fun and satisfying.
Yep, you still wheelspin out but it's at the slowest speed. It's an intentional balance change. I have no other intentions to change that or transmissions for the moment. Nerfing is usually a buzzkill :)

As far as Rhicora's comment. Rhicora is correct. It impacts few if any players. Roo is also correct, you do not know if that will change.

At the end of the day, I and the staff team get to choose what I work on. I wanted to do space, so I did space. If it makes you sleep better at night, you can consider that feature was 'for me as a staffer because I like space', or you could consider there may be other plans you are not aware of. All of those are true.

Oh okay understood, that's not so bad then. Thanks for clarifying!
From my perspective, all of these pieces fit together.

For instance, the updates to space impacted the GPS/nav code, and the new nav code runs so much faster.

Before, using one of the various navigating devices was so slow to generate that it couldn't practically be used as a navigation tool while on the move -- if you were searching for a landmark in the badlands, your GPS was basically of no use unless you stopped. Now navigation devices can practically be used when moving which is not only a boon to people right now but opens up opportunities for the builders to create more secret spaces and have a hope of PCs finding them organically.

Everything new that gets added to the game creates a tool for future stories. I'm all in favor of all of it.

Another thing to consider here: No one uses space or goes into space, because there is nothing useful to do there, and no way to make money or generate RP. We are making moves to change that, make space more accessible, and make it a place people are interested in going and discovering. The same thing can be said for the badlands. Did I spend like 25 hours over the course of last week coding fishing into the badlands-- yes! Does it make the badlands cooler? Yes.

And to the point Pavane made, these new systems typically have cascading effects as we rebuild, rebalance, or expand the existing systems to support the new. That's a good thing all around (GPS improvements, for instance), or in terms of fishing/campfires/cooking -- having a use for carcasses that goes beyond just turning them in to someone.

I could see space becoming more relevant once there's more roleplay and advantage to be had there. Definitely room to work with it- but for now, it's somewhat niche and so it's the direct improvements to day-to-day Withmore life that feel most helpful. That can change and it'll be exciting to see where we take the space angle.
RE: Vehicle acceleration.

Not sure if I misunderstood Mirage(entirely possible) but after playing with driving more the fishtail/180 spin/speedy takeoff is completely gone. Rooms no longer blur as they did at certain speeds, either. This may seem like a trivial thing to nitpick about, but that's what made driving actually fun outside of just getting from point A to point B and a way to show off investment in skill/parts/vehicle which no one will really see now when no matter what, you always drive off like grandma on her way to church. If I can't hop on my bike and peel out like a maniac, that much less reason to ever /accelerate at all and waste fuel.

TLDR; this is a real bummer. I get there's balancing stuff going on but some vehicles, like certain bikes BUILT FOR SPEED, can/should have the ability to reach the desired acceleration from the get go.

Those are all bugs. I'll do another pass to see why it's not behaving.
Re: Locker Room Errors Fixed

Was this a bug turned into a feature? I'm not complaining. I'm just amused that it's themely.

@new-help is a fantastic addition.
Re: progs not working in space – Isn't there an IC ad showing somebody talking on a Progia HoloPhone on the Moon?
"@new-help is a fantastic addition."

This isn't a new command :P

There are a lot of ads that are misleading. Honesty feel the idea of a progia ad showing you can talk on the moon when they don't work in space almost fitting.

Loving the updates this month so far a great start to the new year, and I am super excited to see where all this is leading to.

This isn't a new command :P

Things being undocumented unless you catch a staffer shouting about it, name a more iconic duo.

It's a new helpfile.
Repairing a ruined part now consumes one scrap.

Just to clarify, is this a single piece of scrap to restore a ruined item to a state that can be repaired normally, or now will every single use of the repair command require a scrap?

The first one. Thanks for checking.

They are also dramatically faster to generate an airspace readout from what I can tell. Huge improvement.

The new flight nav is so much faster! Though it is unfortunate that you can no longer 'look nav' -- it looks like the nav alias is no longer valid.
Bartender drink parsing -

This is a nice fix, thanks!

Does this same fix mean that when I specifically order a "vacon grilled cheese sandwich" that I will no longer be given the plain "grilled cheese sandwich" instead?

Magnetic boots are great. Magnetic robot feet would be better. A mod/expansion slot of magnetic clamps on cybernetic legs would be awesome. :-)
I have barely been able to glance at the networking feature but it seems super cool.

One thing I have noticed -- it seems like it is no longer possible to use a hub as a "switch", which was a feature present in many network setups.

Previously, you could use the "set output to none" command on a switch to turn off all of the downstream features, and on my 5 minute glance that doesn't seem possible anymore.

If I'm not missing something, maybe the ability to "toggle hub to off" and "toggle hub to on" would be a good feature.

I love the AR Feedback. Very thematic, extremely useful.
I had the chance to experience space flight in the game and I would like to say that it was a very exciting and fun experience overall.

If I had to give some feedback I would say that the process of getting to space and getting back to Withmore seems to have a very negative effect on the game. Would it be possible to move those experiences to the same type of system that is used for the navigate changes that were put in place for space travel?

I am not sure if it was solely responsible but the process of getting back to Earth seems to cause 99.5% CPU usage on the game for over an hour and seemed to cause significant input lag. I am not sure which part to submit a bug report for, it is not clear what exactly caused it.

But I can say that I was experiencing flight notifications and other messages well after being on the ground and inside the city.

I would be happy to share the details of the experience if someone reaches out to me, I worry about including too much in character information if I put it here.

Thank you!