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[July 2019] Bug Fixes & Updates
Fresh Updates and Bug Fixes


There was an issue where a player could close the mag-lev doors from inside the train or from the station, resulting in a locked mag-lev door and potentially trapping players inside a mag-lev until the next stop or preventing them from boarding.

This has been fixed, you are no longer able to trap people in mag-levs.


New help file covering the details of what we consider meta gaming.


I've added a new reminder which people will see a couple times starting at about 2 weeks that points them to the metagaming help file.


I've added an admin facing system for admin to put in puppet requests that they, or other GMs need to do. Basically, it's a queue for puppet requests that admin need to do, that admin maintain. So if your character needs to be contacted about a job, or for a plot, we can track it easier now.

This should allow us to have even fewer things fall through the cracks and allow us to rely less on TODOs in notes.


You no longer watch yourself when doing 'watch all'. Just the other bakas.


I put the code that listens to channels inside the wrong if statement when I was making it so OOC chat gave you a random alias, so folks may not be seeing things on game help even though it says you joined. I have fixed this.

Please @xlisten game if you suspect this is happening to you.


There was a bug where WJF Ops / a WJF Operator could not see GM-generated public SIC messages.

This has been fixed, WJF Ops will now see all public SIC messages like everyone else.


Some dynamic rooms like markets and the badlands were throwing tracebacks for two reasons, one was they were running out of 'quota' to actually spawn the next room.

The other was we had some code that was supposed to suspend and restore ticks, but it was in the wrong place. I've fixed both of these.


The game will now generate weights based on your height and build. This means that the weight range for thin, average and husky characters varies based on their exact height.

Going forward there should no longer be any height/build/weight combos generated that are unrealistic or out of the box. On the flip side, if you don’t like the exact numbers generated you have but one recourse: Get change them ICly.


Some socials which contained color in them were getting messed up due to the way color codes work and are passed around the MOO. I've manually fixed xconfetti and xtilde. If there are others, bring them to my attention. xtilde still looks a little weird because it resets the color in some clients, but folks will just have to deal with it.


There were two issues here. One, the room description contained text that was copy and pasted and stated that the elevator was on floor 1. I've removed that. Obviously a mistake since that's dynamically calculated. Copypasta.

Second, the 1st floor elevator lobby had a .floor_num of 0, it should have been 1. This is why it was not calling the elevator. Also fixed.


There was a bug where the properties on the NLM Cineplex got messed and stopped it from working, this has been fixed and the Cineplex once again works.

Secondly, there was a coded limitation where you could not route an "approved" program to the Cineplex. This has been changed so that the producer running the inputs to the Cineplex can choose whether or not they want to run an "approved" or "unapproved" program, allowing them to do pre-screenings before finalizing a show, or running a fully-done and approved program from NLM's library.


Currently, when a SIC chip is dropped because a character dies, the chip will be blank or have just the info stored on it when it was installed. going forward, the chip will drop with current relevant data. What should be on it at the time of death.

However, to prevent bloat, the current system is designed so that clones do not have an actual SIC chip. Everything looks like they do and works as if they did but it's not there. So acquiring an sic chip usually still requires GM Support - prior to either death or surgery.


It is now possible for us to add scripts which will give players messages when they take a hit from a drug. Currently, these experiences focus on how the character feels, or what they are experiencing. I have opened this up on Fix-It and the Scripting forum for players to contribute to.

Currently there are two experience scripts:



Each script has 12 different messages. Each hit of a drug will show you one of these messages. I've chosen to show only one message per hit since some drugs are taken more regularly. As time goes on and you use a drug, you'll start to get a feel for the experience.

I have purposefully not made this a very intrusive or elongated experience. Just one message of flavor per hit. Once folks have had a chance to use this new code-- I'll look for feedback on if it should be multiple messages, or if one seems to be the sweet spot.


You can now use @options pose to turn on an echo of your pose. You will see it as an uninvolved observer would see it.

Yessss, I love this. Thank you!
Thank you!! Should really improve the quality of my poses soon enough :D

So it turns out when I fixed the Cineplex, I broke NLM routing some live sources(EyePods and studios, to be exact), making it not possible to do live feeds from studios or EyePods.

This has been fixed, NLM can now actually stream things live.


gj Kard :)


Previously, I fixed what I thought was a bug where previous groceries were being thrown out when you restock a kitchenette with new groceries. Due to how these are set up, this as actually not what was intended with the original code so that has been reverted. That means that when you restock you are overwriting whatever you have with whatever you have purchased. I guess this is why groceries are so cheap.

I have however added a confirmation when you go to restock that tells you what is about to happen and gives you a chance to abort doing it. This should prevent future confusion about how this works.


There was a bug where the drivers of the Freesky to Kashflo shuttles weren't working. This is because the code that triggered them via the intercom was still using old ANSI color codes, and thus the NPC never knew it was being "spoken" to via the intercom(due to mismatched color codes, even though it looked the same).

We have changed the code to strip out all color tags from speech NPCs receive, and updated all trigger strings to remove any hard-coded color tags. This should resolve any future issues with NPCs and color.

TL;DR you can fly to Kashflo again, the shuttles work.


Ganger mementos all had @fatal set and would kill your ass and fuck the Code.

This has been changed, ganger mementos now follow the Code and will show mercy and not corpse you instantly. However, if you die from bleeding because they beat you that badly, that's your fault.


Slight update to the above, When I say "gangers" I specifically am talking about the ones who signed the Code, and the mementos of them.

If you piss off one of the always-there core gang members enough, they might still kill your ass. This update was to stop memento gangers from corpsing everyone they fought no matter what even during gang fights.

Wanted to post for clarity!


The 'hide' command has been updated to prevent hiding your person in situations that don't make sense. You can no longer hide yourself when grappling, being grappled, sitting, guarding, recovering, or riding.

The 'hide ITEM' command has been updated to prevent hiding an item in all the situations above plus when handcuffed. Also, there was existing code that was supposed to make you hold an item you wanted to hide that did not work but this is fixed. You have to hold a thing to hide it.

As this change has the potential to be pretty impactful and involved a fair amount of refactoring, please be sure to let us know if you notice anything odd. Provide any feedback you may have. Thanks!


There was a long standing issue, reported in detail by a player, and in lesser detail today by another player. Basically the trades would happen but the script was reporting it incorrectly. It was showing the team they were traded to as the team they were traded from, and vice versa. Very confusing. I've fixed and rerun the deathball script.

As a result, there are new matches for the week, and I've cleared out the bets that were made and refunded the money bet on it.


This code has been overhauled and will now ignore space and badlands. It will also tell you parties based on level. So if there is shit going on on multiple levels, your bartender friends who got those connections, can tell you.

The code is also smarter now-- it will include puppeted NPCs.

It will also ignore locations that do not meet a specific minimum (not saying what that minimum is as it could change. So if there is one dude at a bar on blue, you aren't getting notified.


Kard was on to a bug where NPCs that try to mimic disguises were causes tbs because they tried to disguise up after retiring. We fixed this issue.


I've added two new reminders based on feedback from the Townhall. These messages will be shown twice, as part of the reminder onboarding.

1. Where's the party: this tells folks that we have this feature and how to use it

2. What's the chatter: this tells folks that we have this feature and how to use it

Technically you'll all see this message twice because you've never seen it before. That's how these reminders work :)


There is now a reminder for us having '@good-answer' so new players will know how to reward folks with karma.


You can no longer send empty cm/ce/cep/cr messages. The system will warn you of a message timeout, since you failed to actually send something.


Thanks to a fellow player/scripter, we've got a new LnA-3z experience script for when you take the drug. Enjoy.

Great series of updates! Thank you so much!

Based on feedback from the Town Hall, we have added the ability to change your SIC color. @options sic will will bring up a menu of colors you can choose from, picking one will change all SIC you see(ca, cm, cc, cr, etc) and all incoming SIC to this color. It will not allow you to change individual SIC function colors, all SIC traffic will be changed to this new color.

help sic-color has been created and contains how to use this feature.


This is really neat, but sorta misses the entire point :\

All SIC traffic being the same color, regardless of what that color is, was the entire scope of the feedback and subsequent discussion.

I'm not knocking the work that went into this, please understand. I appreciate the feedback was heard and considered.

I also understand if not being able to customize specific SIC functions is for some reason being established as a design choice, but I'd appreciate that being stated, and it should be clarified that it's not resolving the initial criticism, that's all.

The main reason is because not everybody has a good eyesight and cannot see dark red on black background, I'm sure.

The "clean" verb, as well as the prime / setup / defuse / disable verbs on timebombs will all now work with 1st / 2nd / 3rd / etc, if you have more than one on you. There was a problem of how the code executed when there was ambiguity in which object you were referring to, it has been resolved.

Note: This is on a per-verb basis, if anyone finds other things that don't work with multiples please let us know!

@Jameson I hear ya. My @shout did state that only allowing a single color was intentional. It didn't make it onto the thread. We intentionally left it as one color. There was additional feedback on the BGBB or xhelps (can't remember what) that stated that allowing updating of the color would help support accessibility, which is a primary reason we have added this ability. A secondary reason was to support folks who don't want their combat messages to be the same color as their SIC.

There was debate on the staff side about allowing what (you I think?) proposed with regards to SIC encrypts you don't have access to being a lighter grey color of some sort-- which I personally liked, but that didn't fit with the over arching goal for this feature. I appreciate the feedback though and perhaps it will circle around again as we get additional feedback on the current updates.

Is there a chance to get non-red shades of color for sic?
@Marleen nope, this was discussed as well. It's red, and that's what we want it to be. Hence the variety of shades of Red we provided.
I've got really shitty eyesight, so I had to have the client zoomed in to like 175% to read messages in the dark red. These shades of red are an absolute life-saver, thank you for going through with the change.
Ahh. Okay. I wasn't online for your shout, that I know about.

I'm super, extremely bummed, but appreciate the clarification.

I'm glad there has been a small step in this direction, and all I can do is hope the staff will remain open-minded about revisiting the topic of further customization at some point, if not for the QoL it offers then for the accessibility improvement. I don't know how to classify the issue other than 'sensory filtering' issues.

I do seriously understand the desire to keep UI / colors as uniform and cohesive as possible from a theme standpoint, so I definitely get keeping the color range as limited as possible and like how you guys have implemented it so far.

That's all, thanks again for the work on this.

This is an amazing update considering how OLD the code is for it.

Well done. Already have a new favorite.

And "a small step"

How paggro can you get?


'ces' by itself and 'chelp' by itself will now both include your primary encryption key if you have one selected. QOL update.

Re: Things that don't work in multiples: Progias.

If you're holding more than one phone, you can't talk into *any* of them.

(Also progia-9's don't have the alias "phone" so you can't count phone to find your 9s.)

You also can't seem to be able to talk on one phone while there's one in a call on the ground of a room.

Also if you drop a phone somewhere and walk away into other places, you can still hear the phone wherever you go. (You also can't make a call with a phone in your hand if you do this???)

Phones are weird.

to "First Progia-7"

to "first Progia-9"

The issue isn't with there being multiples, but more that multiples are finicky with alias' of objects that can be spoken too being the same, so you need to give them an exact reference to the object in question.


Within the scope of the feedback as offered and the majority of the subsequent discussion, it is a small step as the original problem I voiced literally hasn't changed at all. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the feedback was heard and considered and some steps are being taken. I wasn't being 'paggro' I was being completely genuine.

Like I know you're real happy like bc out of all the posts and conversation around the topic you posted like once 'CAN I HAVE HOT PINK PLZ' and you got it and you're satisfied but don't stir my positive post into neg land stay in your lane pls


To and say will no longer send out empty messages if you hit enter too soon.

As an aside, if we could keep the critique / conversation to a minimum in this specific thread-- and instead create other threads in the appropriate sections to continue discussions (or loop back around to the threads in ideas or complaints that spawned the changes) that would be preferable.

I want to keep this thread as a rolling change log that people can check in on to see updates/new features-- and having to scroll through barbs and long posts about stuff can muddy the waters.

I'm fine with the conversations happening, that's what the forums are for, but let's move them out of this thread please!


Missed the

V202 & EXD7

Based on feedback, these drugs will now last longer.


These were not working in some cases due to them trying to create dynamic rooms that were in the city, which was failing. They use the correct airspace now. I also fixed several roofs in the badlands that had the wrong Z index for their height.


There is a new set of code that will run each time you move while disguised. It will run a basic skill check to see if you meet a minimum requirement on your skill roll (which uses stats as well). If you do not meet this requirement / fail the roll, your disguise score will be reduced slightly. Thus, folks who are able to disguise up but have no disguise skill will be more likely to drop their disguise more quickly. This is a result of folks using disguise a lot without actually having the skill, and us balancing things.