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[June 2019] Bug Fixes & Updates
Updates, get ya updates heah


You can now play Go disguised without the game outing who you are - as long as your disguise holds up at least.


Hopefully you will no longer get a traceback about running out of ticks when looking at very full go boards.


NPCs should begin spawning more often now, and in higher numbers. I'm keeping an eye on the stats but we are looking to get all our groups filled up to Max on a regular basis.


When someone is forced into a vehicle all the people inside that vehicle that should be alerted are informed of the event and not just those in the 'front'.


I've further upped the number of NPCs that spawn concurrently. You should notice a drastic increase, at least until the numbers level out as groups hit their max members. Then they'll cycle out as they typically do.


These NPCs would spawn and then not be able to get to their destination due to a lack of a waypoint near them to path through. I've added one at NLM that seems to have fixed the problem. This was an annoying long standing issue.


Some NPCs at NLM were having trouble getting through a specific door. I've resolved this issue.


Some NPCs were failing to spawn because they were over max members for a group, which was as intended but the error messages were spamming staff, so I have fixed that issue (with a wrapper verb).


We have a variety of scheduled tasks that run-- instead of using fork(). With the increasing number of these, I've added a verb for admin to better view scheduled tasks based on the objs, verbs, and time they are scheduled for. QOL improvement for coders basically.


There was a door at CGH that was messed up and throwing errors. That's been fixed. It had the wrong .twin property.


A misconfiguration was allowing folks that worked at certain corporations to run crates on the Green sector crate place, where they could not on the Gold sector one. That has been fixed-- it's not a bug if you al the sudden can't run crates. If you work for a mega corp, you probably aren't allowed. Tis the way it is. Red sector continues to allow whoever wants to because they don't give a fuck.

I meant Gold. You can no longer run crates at Chucks if you are a corp employee, same as Mr. Bruce. It was just a misconfig. Treat it how you want-- Chuck finally figuring out you were a corpie and didn't need his corp subsidized work, or whatever.

This is a special system which calls special verbs on many different objects. These verbs prune things from various objects. For example: the text that is stored for gps displays-- basically forever, after they are generated. It's not needed and it takes up space. Another example would be photos that are in memory. It prunes them back to disk. This code isn't new, we've been working on it and improving it for about 3 years. However, we were running it manually now and then. It's now been $scheduled and will run automatically once a week.

When it runs you'll see a notification on game-help as it might cause a tiny bit of lag since it's writing a lot to disk (and it uses a fair amount of CPU while it's running).

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner is running... cleaning the MOO up like a boss. Could cause a teeny bit of lag while it's running.

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner has finished running and cleaned up 535 bytes

It'll probably prune about 2-3 megs each run-- mostly photos. But it will keep us nice and healthy.


Fixed some additional broken shortened links that were in the code. Also fixed about 10-15 typos that were typos in the code.


When renting a room at certain places, the rent is paid daily or weekly or monthly, the message that pops said that rent is weekly regardless. This has been fixed.


When you apply for a license you pay a fee. This fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the license request. I've added messaging around this to avoid confusion in the future.


I've added a SENIOR option for those that need to speak with a senior staffer about an issue or request, or for when a senior staffer asks for a service request to be put in as a reminder for some reason.


Fixed this forum.


On the admin side the typo system was pretty basic. It was hard to tell who could fix what typos since they were in a variety of categories (typos in description, room, properties, code, scripts, combat messages).

I've overhauled this system to allow builders to categorize typos, thus surfacing typos someone like me has to fix (code, combat) versus ones that a builder or regular admin could fix.


Anyone joining OOC-Chat will now be given a unique alias 'Someone1234' where 1234 is a unique integer for each new person to join. This should lead to less confusion where people have the same alias of 'Someone'.


Fixed an issue where art with lots of ANSI color was throwing an error. Should be OK now :)

Thanks <3

Park gangers now have a memento so they can spawn mementos. This also means they can use the dispatcher for things like scheduled tagging of things.


Now that we are spawning more mementos we were running into a situation where the dispatcher couldn't spawn a new memento to do what it wanted. I've added some code that will select an available memento and if one is not available it will default to attempting to spawn one.


We were having trouble with some mementos not retiring and we put a fair amount of work (Johnny & me) into figuring it out. I can report that 99% of mementos are retiring correctly now.


These groups were filled mostly with critters that were not retiring correctly. I manually retired them and now they are spawning/unspawning more members more regularly. This is good for the game, bad for anyone wandering around areas that might be dangerous ;)

What are Momentoes?

When you attempt to 'steam item from person' and they have multiple of item, it will now pick a randomized one (if possible) and have you attempt to steal it.


Basically, we save the state of a template NPC & their items, and then at a later time we can restore it and make some modifications (such as to the name, or description of the npc). When you see those randomized NPCs that spawn and unspawn (Guards, Judges, Gangers) with names you don't recognize-- those are memento NPCs.


There was a bug (or so I think) that was causing kitchenettes current stock of things to be completely overwritten when restocked. I've made this not a thing so you shouldn't lose stuff when restocking now. Unknown if this will cause other issues-- so please report any issues.


10th floor elevator entrance is fixed.