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[MAJOR] Grid 3.0 Launched
Grid 3.0 Announcement Thread

Hey Everyone!

The time has finally come and we have launched Grid 3.0! This is the culmination of Slither writing a node application that migrated all the accounts, nodes, gridmail, forums into a new database structure from the old Ikonboard flat file database, and many years of Johnny spending time on Grid 3.0 in what amounts to a vacuum, when he was able to make time.

We worked THROUGH the town hall to ensure that the Grid would be launching at the end of the Town Hall, and thankfully, despite some hiccups and panicked moments, we hit this goal we quietly set for ourselves a few months ago.

We hope you all enjoy it.

Where are we at now?

- Grid 3.0 is live with the same features of Grid 2.0 give or take an issue

- Grid 3.0 has a nice new interface which looks more sleek

- Grid 3.0 has a password reset function built in that ties back to the SIC account that registered the account, allowing easy password reset (sucks for people who get a sic rip though!)

- Grid 3.0 passwords are being considered IC from here on out. Your old passwords work, but you should change them, and we are tracking if you have a new style password or an old style one. New style ones will eventually be hackable, and we generate the password for you.

- Grid Node Editing

Known Issues

There are some known bugs-- and we are NOT in a bug testing mode anymore. If you find a bug, report it, but also don't go looking to break shit. There are a number of outstanding issues that we will be working on, but none of them were show stoppers from us launching.

- For example, text on the forums doesn't currently wrap if you don't include a space and this breaks the layout. Don't do this.

- Gridmail may not mark as read if you are sending mail to yourself

- The same goes for deleting mail you sent to yourself

- The mail count is also not updating

- No results for search node is vague

Things Missing

We strived to make Grid 3.0 a feature complete copy of Grid 2.0 -- and we succeeded. Also all the functionality should actually work which was a growing problem in Grid 2.0. However, there could be hiccups! We will strive to fix issues.

We are still working on some of the admin tools that we currently have for Grid 2.0, such as gridmail notifications. If your gridmail goes over a week without an answer, please throw a puppet request in -- this is a TEMPORARY thing which we will tell you to stop doing when we have our notifications back.

Things on the roadmap

- Fix all bugs and make QOL updates based on feedback

- Cool integrations with the MOO for hacking/decking

- Paydata streaming to the grid for deckers to find

And lots more! We've got the system we want now, and one we feel comfortable building on for years to come. So you can expect a more regular stream of enhancements for the grid as time goes on. It won't be a flood, but it will be a nice trickle, especially after we iron out the initial bugs.

Thank you

In recent years both Johnny and Slither have had real life things keeping them busy: work, family, you know how it goes. We appreciate your patience while we got this off the ground while also doing our normal work to keep Sindome running smoothly.

Thanks to all the players who acted as our testers and submitted bugs for us to fix and issues for us to resolve, we truly appreciate it.

-- Johnny & Slither


(Edited by Slither at 7:04 pm on 8/8/2020)

This makes me want to try a decker again for the first time in years.
@beandip right now its more or less just a shinier grid 2 (with a working forum lol) but there ARE going to be new things added, since its much easier to now
Mmmm I'm gonna check every new feature update post thingy for more ways to (ab)use the Grid.
There ARE new features already, but it is very much a shiny grid 2.0 w/ working features (and possibly new bugs).

One big thing is the ability for admin to backup a node that is important so that if it is hacked it will be auto restored. This allows us to write IC guides and things that we want to live forever, without worrying someone will hack them and we lose the content.

wait thats already a thing? n i c e

now to figure out how to do it B)

I've noticed some emojis (actual ones, not emoticons) on the grid. Is this intentional as a new IC functionality, or is it something that slipped through?
Honestly I think it'd probably be fine to have emoticons @goblinfemme, as long as staff can trust that people won't spam them - or alternatively - want to add some custom ones. I think it's just the nature of the new grid being way more modern than Grid 2.0.

Anyway, @Slither do you think you could maybe list some of the new features that might be added in the near future/are being worked on?

I recall a staff mentioning that emojis weren't invented in the Sindome timeline for some reasons, so I don't think ASCII emojis are appropriate. Custom, NLM-approved "stickers" might be nice though.
imagine living in a timeline where the emoji movie never happened

no wonder the world went to shit

I want to live in an alternate timeline where NLM introduces emojis as some amazing new Grid breakthrough and we collectively laugh them out of Withmore.
Are you going to deny deckers the pleasure of spamming the NLM node with :joy:?
Waaait, so it's NOT okay to write shit like ;) on the Grid? I see people doing that stuff all the time and I have, too. It feels good......