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[Major Update] Cyberware Ripping
Corpses don't just loot dump cyberware anymore


Up until now, when you died, your corpse would just 'have' all your cyberware on it. This is no longer the case. Your flashboost capacitor doesn't just magically show up on the corpse, ready to be grabbed by any joeboy mix walker who happens on by.


There is a new command on corpses called 'harvest' it currently supports one thing, which is ripping cyberware via 'harvest cyberware from corpse'.


Only one ripper can work on a corpse at a time.


Ripping requires the same skills as being a cyber doc, but in some cases, less of those skills.


You do not need a bunch of complicated tools to rip cyberware from a corpse. Those tools exist so legitimate doctors can uninstall cyberware from living people. No legitimate doctor wants to dig around in a corpse to get your cyberware out. Rippers be like 'fuck tools gimmie my scalpel'. That's all you need.

This drastically lowers the barrier to entry for ripper docs, as the cost of becoming one is much lower, and the skill needed is a bit more variable.


Identifying cyberware in a corpse so you can go about ripping it on the street is possible. Doing it in a clinic is easier. Doing it in a cyber clinic is even easier.

The actual act of ripping the cyberware may not be drastically easier (yet), but figuring out what to rip, is.


I've made it so SIC chips are not dropped when you die. If you want to get someones chip, get them alive and uninstall it the normal way. This is a change from SIC chips dropping, but I wanted to avoid issues with tons of sic chips being in the game and there being mostly no reason to have them laying around unless you want info from them at which point you would just kidnap someone.


Like I mentioned before, most legitimate doctors would consider the act of ripping cyberware out of dead flesh to be below them. You cannot 'uninstall' cyberware from a dead person. It can only be ripped.


As a corpse degrades, there will be a point where you can no longer rip the cyberware out. This is due to the fact that cyberware should go bad when it's not in someone, but the meatshield it was in, despite being dead, is protecting it slightly. It's not forever though. 2 day old corpses? No cyberware.


There are two sets of checks that are done when you want to harvest cyberware. First, a check to see if you can identify that there IS cyberware to rip (made easier by being in a clinic like I said before) and the second is IF you can rip it. This uses roughly the same checks that uninstalling cyberware does.

The messaging is fun for both and will be expanded over time.


This uses our action system so you can be interrupted if you walk away, put your scalpel away, are attacked because you're trying to rip some street tuff on their turf or a jake outside the HOJ.


Corpses that already exist, already exist. Only new corpses support this.


Things I will add over time:

* Harder to rip the older the corpse

* Corpse disfigurement based on attempts to rip

* Different tools (ripping with a ceramic composite katana? why not!)

* Infections from cyberware that hasn't been sanitized and who came from someone infected with something

* Sanitizing of cyberware ripped from corpses (to prevent infections)

* More gore messages

* Modifiers for where the cyber is being ripped being taken into account when trying to rip something (not just detecting what is available to rip)

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

-- S

There needs to be significantly more chrome docs with good availability unless the degradation timer is expanded to something like a week.

It's not uncommon to wait days for installs via PC or puppet requests.

Thems the breaks. Having Ripper Doc be something you can actually do and make a profit off of should drive more people to endeavor to be one. Before today, they weren't something you could actually do. You were either a cyberdoc or you were not a cyberdoc. Now there is the ability to be something in between.
There are a ton of wannabe cyberdocs, Talon, and now they have something to do instead of waiting on a slot to open up in an extremely competitive field.

Also probably no one should feel entitled to get the chrome out of a corpse. It's a bonus!

So excited over this! Thanks Slither!
Sorry for the confusion!

I'm not saying we should wand-wave and make more players play that field, what I meant to say is that perhaps there should be more openings for docs within the respective locations where they work.


Marvellous! Thank you, Slither :)


Well there is a distinction between ripper docs and chrome docs... :P


ICly, no respectable cyberdoctor would be digging around in a corpse for chrome.

One of the major benefits of this new system is that a ripper need not be employed to profit from their skill.

There is no need for a ripper doc to work anywhere. They can stand over a corpse on the street and rip the cyberware out as long as they have a scalpel. If they have OK skills, they'll be able to do it. This allows folks to freelance and not be tied to a specific business-- which is kinda the point of a ripper doc. Seedy, back alley doctor, with no scruples.
Brilliant. I think this is something a lot of people have waited for. I think both myself and other people have at some point thought, I wanna be a ripper doc like in real cyberpunk, but everyone can rip chrome and so far there's no coded organ harvest, nor a market for organs. Now there's more reason for people to become actual ripper docs, instead of almost always having to go the legitimate route. My opinion, at least.

It also gives people LESS incentive to randomly kill others just because they're chromed up. How're they supposed to steal it anyways? :P

Loving this. Can't wait to see the consequences IC because of it.

I think keeping the scalpel as the sole means of ripping chrome is a good idea, or at least keeping it the most effective. Except nailz. A ripper that literally rips shit out of people with their claws is such a cool image.

NailZ ripping? Trickyhottrev... you're a mad genius.

This sounds absolutely fantastic, and I'll +1 the Nailz ripping, too -- that would be very cool.
First off the fact that this has gotten any attention is awesome, however I feel like people talking about ripperdocs and chrome docs has more to do with economy then what skills you posess. I've played all of that and don't let titles guide what you do, play themely,you don't have to do one or the other.

I've tried the cyberdoc route before, but it never quite felt like it because all the 'spots' were taken. Now, docs skilled in the way of cybertech have the means to be useful, without the needed legitimacy.
choose the skill, decide how you want to play it, let everyone else sort out the labels.
Sure, but many skills are useful from the start. Some are less so. Like chemists. Setting something up for yourself as a cyberdoc's been even harder.
Regarding @talon's comment about the degradation time,

Slither, refrigerating the corpse stop or slow the degradation, same as the ripped 'warez?

Holy shit yes! Thanks guys, this is fantastic for the wanna-be rippers out there, so stoked for this!
Refrigerating will indeed prevent further decay, thus keeping the cyber in a good state to be ripped.
Thinking on it, this actually gives a lot of PCs with trouble getting into clinics more RP than they would've had before.

Love this in every way, this should really make having a doctor or pseudo-doctor in their back pocket a must for every ganger, gangster and solo <3
This is fantastic. Thanks ♡

More infections for all. You're all going to -die-. *throws confetti*

I am SO pumped about this. What an awesome feature. Sketchy ripper docs are a million percent CPAF and I'm stoked that they have a place in the world now. Bravo!
Have cyberware and nanogenic detectors been accounted for to cover corpse scanning? Personally, I would love to see cyberware professional to be able to identify cyberware on a corpse using there own expertise to evaluate sans tools but the laymen or skilled forensic pro having other tools to fallback on to better identify bodies to supply to a potential ripper.
So, right now, they have not been accounted for. But this is something I'm working on as we speak. I wanted to give the code a few days to percolate and make sure I wasn't going to have to make any major changes before adding this additional thing in.
OK, scanning corpses for cyberware is now supported. More details in the game improvements thread.

You can now use a cyberware scanner to check a corpse for warez. It works exactly like it does on alive people.


If you are looking to harvest cyberware from a corpse, certain things such as location can make a difference. It will be easier to detect cyberware while rooting around in a corpse when you are in a clinic or cyber clinic. The same is now true if you are in possession of a cyberware scanner, and the most recent scan you conducted was on the corpse you are about to to harvest from.

Some things to note:

1. Scanning a corpse and seeing it has cyberware is not a guarantee that you will be able to find the warez when you are rooting around in the corpse. It just makes it easier. Using a scanner and using a scalpel are different skills.

2. You don't have to be the one to have performed the scan. Got a friend who is ace with a scanner but you are only ace with a scalpel? Team up. They do the scan, and hand you the scanner with the results. This will give the same bonus. My rationale here is that the scanning was the thing that required skill. It doesn't take any skill to look at a screen and see what was detected and use that info to direct your search.

3. Scans have to be at least moderately successful to offer any kind of bonus. You can have a scanner and fail the scan and detect no cyberware even if there was some. This isn't going to give you a bonus. It won't penalize you though.

Mechanical reasons to use neat niche toys? Thumbs up!

Makes entirely too much sense to be more cautious slicing in area X if you suspect something to be there already. Love the change.

Quick bump here. I was wondering if there's any way that Nailz could be added as a ripping tool. Given the cost, which is greater than a scalpel by a billion percent, it would be a fun "rule of cool" addition to the ripping set.

I just like the idea of a grimy ripper doc slashing chrome out of a dead body.

This system is already awesome, and I think Nailz could make it even cooler.

That's horrendous and I love it. 😁
I love this code now I've had a chance to experience it! I do have a little recommendation for the ripping script being clearer because as it is the lines are very vague and never mention you pocketing the chrome, leading to some confusion at least on my part when the character goes on to the next script without saying if you failed or not.
Hrm. Doesn't it tell you at the end if you are successful? I think the script itself may be the same regardless of if you are successful or not, with the info about success being at the end. Is that not what you are seeing?
@slither Whenever you 'find' a piece of cyberware in a corpse, the script will say you 'make an incision' then 'attempt to remove it from '. There is no confirmation message, it just kind of drops in your inventory at that point. I am not sure if there is a special fail message, as I don't think I have failed yet IC.
If you're ripping from a corpse with multiple pieces of chrome in, from last check the text broadly goes


-start cutting


-start next cutting


-finishing working

No text about retrieving, picking up, or pocketing chrome that has been removed.

Yeah, I noticed this too, confused me for a bit until I checked my inventory.
This might be a messages disconnect. If you are watching someone else rip, you see them pull chrome out -- I guess the ripper themselves don't see the message, though.
I would like to share a little tiny idea.. after a post rip can there be a new smell added that can 'give away' rippers? Like 'X smells faintly of gore and a strong chemical cleaner.'? Force rippers to hide the scent or wear it proudly if they are loud and accepting of their ripping ways. Or even a little thing that doesn't involve scent but just puts blood splatter on your hands/arms.

It isn't a big thing, but I just want things to be more messy and gross feeling as ripping should!

I think the fact that Sindome has a dynamic smell system, as well as facilities and personal hygiene products that can cover and change smells is a big plus that should be involved and intertwined whenever possible, both for ideas like this, the pool scent idea, and so on.
Please implement a tell tale smell for ripper docs. That is an awesome idea. Maybe tie it to some preservative that they have to use to keep the ware fresh. That would distinguish it from the already existing 'antiseptic' smell that everyone gets when they visit a clinic to get healed.
Yo! That's a really fantastic idea!

I love it. I also really enjoy that SD has ways of imparting clues to behavior, smell and dirtiness (some of which can be pretty specific) can give others both very vague or, situationally, very very specific information about what you've been up to.

On top of a smell, perhaps adding some kind of unique visual dirtiness too? Sort of like the blood splatters that can happen from combat. Maybe something along the lines of 'Ripper Joe Baka's ProTek gloves are soaked with gore, like they've been wrists-deep in a corpse pretty recently.'.

Sure, maybe it's easy to just take your gloves off, but you can get killed and get caught with them on you, have a dip plant them on someone else, forget to take them off or clean them later in the heat of the situation....happens all the time.

I'm going to have to disagree. Adding a distinct smell neat idea but it doesn't really mesh up with what is required to do it system-wise. Also if we're going to add in smells for blood, then everyone who gets into combat with bleeding wounds should realistically have that same smell.

Adding in random blood splatters to clothing is something that makes sense and something I can get behind, however.


Please keep this on topic. Ideas should go in the Ideas section of the BGBB. Please thread this over there and let's keep this thread on feedback about this feature.