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[Nov '21] Improvements Feedback
This is a feedback thread, you know what this is for.

Poob peeb.
We seem to keep adding a lot of features that increasingly make it harder to do topside crime each time, and then we wonder why nobody does it. Cyberweapons are already undesirable by sheer expense, as well as a much lower likelihood you'll be able to replace them if you die.
No radiation


!!! PANIC !!!

:) Awesome to see this system getting more love. More work for medically inclined RP'ers :D

Rad fixes seem really good. Radiation was surprisingly unpunishing in Rampage, didn't even feel it.

That bug fixes list got me all warm and tingling. As did, not just the admins, but everyones approach to the sudden and terrifying radiation poisoning due to an update. Both IC and OOC super cool stuff.

Some seriously awesome fixes though.

Time to go feed a felibot to a WJF member in a shower with a bomb while hunting for scrap and looking in olga's!

Can confirm Mirage - Bio-mods seem to expose fine now. Thank you for this fix, I know many people will thank you.

Show us ya mods :D

Making areas that have weapon scanners respect cyber -weapons- is not a nerf, it's a bug fix. As we introduce new and more cyber weapons there is a need to make sure places that have security are accounting for cyber weapons. I think we've made it easier to do topside crime overall, so I disagree with the sentiment. But as Mirage said in their post, there are illegal ways built into this system to get a cyber weapon around one of these systems. You just have to FOIC.
I cannot thank you enough for the idea of having Bio-mods as additive it opens up so many things! So awesome.
An observation is that some of the bio-modded nakeds have retained old nakeds set prior to bio-mods. It might be an advisory to bio-modded characters to check their nakeds.

A simple 'clear' naked fixies the issue.

So biomods are like tattoos now? Non-removable, but no longer locking you out of your @naked?

If so, thank you so, SO much!

Editable biomod change is glorious.
I love the biomod change, but have one question:

Given that there's now the ability to change @nakeds, would a request to change certain parts of pre-existing biomods be okay? It's hard to be more specific without divulging information on why.

I believe that would still need to be done IC, nothing regarding the bio-mods play has been changed. (unless one of the staff want to correct me)

So the locked bio-mods would be dealt with IC, same way cyberware or tattoos would be.

They just enabled you to add flavour and additional information to the naked now, rather than them being completely locked when you got a bio-mod.

Again, it's a little hard to explain the specifics on why without going too in-depth. Let's just say some things remaining 100% static is incredibly strange, especially given that things have changed.
If they weren't, they would in one update hugely, dramatically change a whole proffesion in SIndome. Much the same if you could edit tattoos or cyberware manually yourself.

Without some sort of governance behind it, these features could be manually adjusted by a player freely. Which given all the IC lore, would be very unthemely.

There would not be anyway to differentiate between text that describes "The fur is messy" and "I have ten wings and twelve arms that shoot lazers from their fingers" < an obvious extreme and utterly unlikely example to put the point over.

Perhaps it might be best to make a new post in Ideas to talk more upon it?

Changing bio-mods is an IC thing. If it is something egregious like it talks about an arm you no longer have because it was cut off or something, you can speak with an admin and they will make a determination.
"He wears power armur like you have never seen. The blade of g0ds is strapped on his back and he knows how to use it. He is the lightning."

--Actual immy @description seen several years ago. Now immortalized in a SIC random.

Very glad to see the range of things that can be done with the munitions skill being expanded. The skill felt very niche in it's applications.

Cyberarms now slightly buff hand to hand damage because getting punched with a metal fist hurts."

Does this also apply to Martial Arts?

Yes DancingRoo

Three new musical instruments have been added to the game and its stores.

tears of joy!

new instruments? i thought the day would never come
The performance thing is SOO COOL, I am curious as to whether there is any OOC limitation to what counts as a performance.

Would things like poetry, spoken word, a speach all be considered under a performance? Could things like treatments like pyschology and so on also be leveraged in such a way?

It would be amazing to have things like, talking to someone who is really insperational actually garner a tangiable bonus.

I am so excited to see where this all goes!

Anything can be a performance. Rap. Dance. Stripping.
I cannot begin to express how freaking awesome this is !!!
Oh my God, this is amazing. Making me want to try artistry all over again.
It says that an instrument is needed to do so. I am aware of the new ones, but yet to find ones that could be utilised to do things like dance, strip, public talking and so on.

The closing statement was that it was being developed and so on, so I assume more instrumenuts (awesome)

But can or is the human body considered an instrument in the mechanics syntax?

No Patrick, mayonaise is not an instrument.

(Check some of your local bars, unless I missed some.)

Awesome! So much to explore... WAIT OH MY GOD We can actually genuinly do karaoke in the karaoke bar !!
Absolutely love the armor repair!

One thing I noticed is the value of the armor doesn't seem to be affected by if it's damaged or repaired good as new. I think damaged armor should be cheaper.

To add to DiamondNine.

It would be cool to have damaged armour added to scrap loot tables, market, less... upmarket stores. So a market could develop much like the scrap vehicle parts and vehicles has.

(Assuming this is not already in place and I Have not discovered it.)

Performance things!? This is amazing.
Not sure if the more damaged the armor is, the more scrap it requires, but it'd be cool if barely damaged armor only used part of a scrap kit, kinda how patching a poncho only uses some of the fabric.
Performance crowd feedback messages seem like they could get a little repetitive, firing directly after each pose. It's possible you only need to deliver one crowd prompt to let people know how well it's being received by the ambient population, and let players present take cues from that. Or vary up the message a bit so it's not the same feedback message repeated over and over.

Some of the feedback messages are of the form "The crowd listening to Performer is restless" which doesn't make sense for all-visual performances where you're not really listening to them, exactly.

Someone is currently working on an entirely different set of crowd messages, they're just not released yet. *nod*
I don't know if this is done intentionally to avoid discussing IC information, but using obscure abbreviations like "SHFL" can be confusing to anyone who hasn't been around long enough to know what it refers to. I figured it out in game, but only after observing quite a bit of SIC chatter on the subject. Unless there are concerns about revealing IC info, I'd ask that such abbreviations be spelled out at least once in a string of updates on the topic. Thanks!
SuperHappyFunLand means about as much as SHFL, at least to me. They're both meaningless, but I agree. Normally I do more indepth patchnotes, those were just rapidfire as I was working real fast.
I'm actually OK with folx not knowing what everything means if they haven't been exposed to it ICly.
I'd been exposed to it, which is the only way I eventually figured it out, but the acronym lost me as I'd never seen it referred to that way, and once acronyms get beyond a few letters, they just come off as a jumble rather than something easily memorized and recognizable.

I just figure when making notes about improvements here (and when making OOC shouts in game requesting bug reports about the acronym in question), clarity is a good thing.

When cybernetic limbs are damaged and/or put offline by EMP effects and/or damage, I think it'd be good to have a message alerting you the limbs aren't functional anymore. I don't think it needs to be done for other cybernetics where you can find that out very clearly for the most part or through other systems, but having a limb cut out on you would probably be something you'd notice without the help of other features.
I am blown away by how response you guys are, and the turn around times. This body guard thing is amazing I mean like utterly game changing to players who have zero combat impact, but have security teams.

I am hoping in time it pulls away from the 'I have to have some combat stat' mentality I have seen both ic and ooc.

This even effects things like how sec teams train IC and how people approach kidnapping, combat in general.

My mind is spinning with how cool this is.

I am very disappointed the new digi-ponchos lack mustard as an option.
This is a really tiny quality of life thing but I would like to be able to "wear ponch" when I have a digi-ponch.
Love the new ponchos, but seconding the 'wear ponch' request!
Possible bug with the new two-crate limit - I received a message saying I had already asked for two crates and needed to deliver them before I could get more. However, I had already delivered all the crates I had received. The two crates delivered prior to this were short trips, and so I'm assuming that the trigger for this message is time-based, rather than state-based. I suggest either reducing the timer to account for these shorter deliveries, or changing to a state-based condition that actually checks whether the crates were delivered.

I got the same thing. I believe a state-based condition would be the better option, if possible.

Will singing and dancing be folded into the performance system?
^ Me, a post skipping idiot.
Only one character can search in junkyards at a time now and it makes the process a lot slower. Repeated searches of dozens and dozens of rooms every day was already a significant time commitment but halving the time by enlisting a second character made it manageable. If this is going to stay, adding something like how markets work, with a skill-based room content hint, would be a nice QOL addition.
You mean only one character can search a single room in a junkyard, you mean? Many people can search many rooms at a time.

It's also difficult to split the tasks (one player navigates while one searches) because feedback on a search ending is only shown to other players if the character searching has found something, so it's just easier for one player to do everything.

Maybe rate limiting was necessary for balance reasons but it was nice to speed the process up a bit by doing it with someone else.

I am not changing this, but it wasn't for balance reasons. Multiple people searching a room at the same time was causing a bug that prevented people from never being able to search ever again.

You can still search junkyards with other people, they have to search other rooms than you. That's just how it is.